Supernatural Chat: Crowley’s Feels – What Do They Mean?


Hey there Supernatural fans! In this edition of Supernatural Chat, I wanted to delve a little bit into the King of Hell and his story in Season 9. At the end of last season we saw that the biggest, baddest demon of them all still has some human feels inside. Those moments of vulnerability could’ve been written off as just a temporary reaction to nearly being cured by Sam’s attempts to close the Gates of Hell, but hints of those feelings have already appeared this season. What do the feels mean?

Fans Get Unexpected Feels for Crowley

In a recent interview with TVLine, executive producer Jeremy Carver talked a little bit about what’s happening with Crowley this season. “The juiciness of that story this year is, how is Crowley going to potentially manage a civil war from his place in the bunker?” Carver said. “It’s something we delve into rather directly and have a lot of fun with. We find, if I can borrow a fan term, some unexpected feels for a character that maybe we never thought we would feel for. It’s a really interesting portrait we’re painting of Crowley this year that I’m very excited about.”

First of all, how awesome is it to hear Carver use the term “feels”? Secondly, it certainly sounds like Crowley is still going to be a part of the bad guy team this season. So there’s no need to worry that he’ll suddenly become a soft little teddy bear for the boys to cuddle in the bunker. But what about those pesky feels of his?

Did Sam’s Cure Change Crowley Forever?

When this season first began I thought there was a chance that we would see Crowley continuing down a spiral towards humanity. I thought maybe Dean hadn’t interrupted Sam’s ritual in time to stop Crowley’s cure, even if they had stopped the rest of it. But Crowley soon proved that he was still his old demon self, until all the feels seemed to come back. When Crowley made Kevin beat the crap out of him, he claimed it was for fun, but I personally think he did it as some form of punishment. Sam’s ritual put him on the road back to humanity and a human would feel remorse for all the terrible things he had done. What if Crowley is now stuck on that part of the road and is forever destined to struggle between wanting to be the evil demon we’ve all come to know and love, and feeling that spark of humanity that forces him to regret those decisions? Talk about some delicious angst.

Did Crowley Grow a Conscience?

My theory about Crowley changing due to Sam’s attempt at a cure is all about Crowley doing things that are not of his control. But what if they are? What if he wasn’t cured and instantly snapped back to being full-on demon, but along with that came a conscience? I know it’s a wild theory, but I can’t help but to see both sides of the coin. If Crowley could be feeling things thanks to a partial cure that has changed him, then it’s also entirely possible that the changes are deeper than that. If he’s reacting to a cure, then he might be able to find another ritual to turn him back to the way he was. But if it’s not a change on a molecular level that can be reverted with a spell, then perhaps he’s just decided to see the world differently. Trouble is, I don’t know if I like the idea at all – but I still had to throw it out there.

Is Crowley Simply Biding His Time?

The third option of course is that all of this is one huge trick and Crowley is simply biding his time until he can get free and wreak havoc once again. Maybe he did go through something during Sam’s ritual, but those moments are gone and he is back to his old self. He really did get Kevin riled up because it was fun and there isn’t even the tiniest bit of humanity left in him. Pretending to have feelings, even just a few here and there, would definitely be one way to possibly get the Winchesters to let down their guard with him. This option is the most evil and the most manipulative, but I honestly can’t decide if I hope this is the case or not. I want my evil Crowley, but I also like my Crowley with a little feels.

What do you think is happening with Crowley in this season of Supernatural? Is he faking the feels or do they mean that he has really changed, even if just a little bit? Sound off in the comments below, I love hearing from you guys!

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