Sleepy Hollow Season 1 Review “The Sin Eater”

Welcome back, Sleepy Hollow. I’ve missed you. The break doesn’t seem to have slowed Sleepy Hollow’s momentum at all, and I am so grateful. Ichabod and Abbie continue to be the cutest non-couple ever, the Free Masons made an appearance, and Ichabod makes me love him more and more every time he opens his mouth.

This episode confronted demons, just not demons of the Hell variety. Ichabod was drugged and kidnapped by some shady-looking individuals while he was visiting Katrina’s grave. As it turns out, they were Free Masons who have been fighting the forces of evil since the Revolutionary War. They went in search of Ichabod because they knew that his life was tied to the Horseman, and in order to defeat him, Ichabod had to sacrifice himself. Ichabod was willing to do just that, but Abbie told him that she had another way. Katrina appeared to Abbie (at a most inconvenient time) and told her that a sin eater could save Ichabod. A sin eater is a person who can perform a ritual and take on the sins of another person thereby sanctifying that person and allowing them to rest in peace. Apparently, this sin eater could separate the souls of Ichabod and the Horseman so that they could take down the Horseman without killing Ichabod. The sin eater was understandably reluctant to swallow more sins, but after realizing who Ichabod was, he agreed. He told Ichabod that in order for him to be released, he had to forgive himself for something that happened in the early days of the American Revolution. Ichabod was tasked with interrogating a man who was a free mason and one of the instigators of the Revolution. Ichabod carried the man’s death on his conscience because he felt he had waited too long to act. Ichabod had to realize that if that man hadn’t died, Ichabod never would’ve realized his higher calling. After accepting what happened and forgiving himself for it, the sin eater was able to free Ichabod from his bond with the Horseman. Now Ichabod, Abbie, and the Free Masons are ready to take the fight to the Horseman.

One of the best things to come out of this whole ordeal is that Ichabod and Abbie seem to have gotten some help. They have a whole lot of big, terrible things coming at them and up until now, it looked like they were going to have to stand alone. However, it seems that the Free Masons are still alive and active, so maybe they’ll be able to provide our heroes with some support. If the stories about the Free Masons are true, then the Masons are spread out all over the place; which is a good thing for Ichabod and Abbie. Just like evil can have operatives in high places, the Masons can have operatives in high places. If they are truly on the side of good, then I’m looking forward to exploring their role in the battle against Hell. Ultimately I think it’ll all still come down to Ichabod and Abbie, but thank goodness it seems they have some backup.

Little by little, layers of Ichabod are getting peeled back. This episode gave us some insight into why Ichabod chose to leave the British military and join the American Revolution. Ichabod was an intellectual and a good man before he joined the British Army. He knew deep down that what the British were doing in America was wrong, but he felt an obligation to his country and his heritage to further the British cause. However, as is the case with most of us, one day Ichabod was presented with a choice: continue doing something that he knew was wrong or stand up for what he knew to be right. After some prodding from Katrina, he chose to make a stand. That choice nearly cost him his life, but it also put him on the path to his true purpose. Ichabod has proven himself to be an intelligent, compassionate, brave, and principled man. Finding out the circumstances under which he met Katrina and how he became a member of the American Army explains why he displays all of those traits so prominently and why he was so eager to take a stand when the Horseman entered the picture.

Every time Ichabod and Abbie have a little moment, it makes me love them even more. After Ichabod went missing, Abbie was desperate to find him. It’s not just that she needs him to help her save the world. Although there is definitely that. Mostly, it’s that Ichabod is Abbie’s friend. Even though she initially tried to deny it, she and Ichabod have a connection. It seems she has accepted that and she’s begun to genuinely enjoy Ichabod’s company. She took him to his first baseball game, and I must admit that I literally laughed out loud when Ichabod decided to join in the fun by yelling at the umpire. After Ichabod went missing, Abbie also put herself and her career on the line for him when she went to Captain Irving to ask for help. Abbie’s decision to stay and hold Ichabod’s hand while he sacrificed himself was a particularly touching moment. Ichabod cares about Abbie just as much as she cares about him. He tried to reassure her that his sacrifice was the only way to save the world, but he admitted that he was terrified. Abbie stayed to offer the support that Ichabod needed and Ichabod let her stay because he knew she needed to be able to say goodbye. That was also the first time that Ichabod called Abbie by her first name. It may seem like a little thing, but it’s not. That’s actually quite a big deal. In Ichabod’s time, men only called women by their first name if they were family or if they were romantically involved. Abbie and Ichabod clearly aren’t romantically involved, but it seems that they’re family now. I can’t say enough how much I love watching their relationship evolve. It is truly a beautiful thing.

Once again, a very solid episode. I was very excited to see John Noble and James Frain pop up in this episode. They were on two of my favorite TV series Fringe and The Tudors respectively, and I’m hoping they show up again. Katrina was a bit more useful this time, but I still feel like she’s more of a superfluous character. She also needs to make sure that she’s not contacting people while they’re driving. I wonder whether the sin eater is now bound to the Horseman since he ate Ichabod’s sin. He said he could feel the Horseman, so I’m thinking the answer is yes. That can’t be good. I’m still on the fence about Captain Irving. He seemed too willing to help Abbie. He was providing just enough resistance not to look suspicious, but not enough to stop her. Maybe he’s a Free Mason and that’s why he’s been helping Ichabod and Abbie. I guess we’ll see. So what did y’all think of this week’s Sleepy Hollow?

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