John Noble Discusses Sleepy Hollow Guest Arc

Plenty of science fiction fans know John Noble. After playing Walter Bishop on Fox’s Fringe for five seasons, Noble has established himself an actor capable of elevating any drama. Furthermore, he established a relationship with Sleepy Hollow writers (and former Fringe alums) Alex Kurtzman and Bob Orci. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that the writing duo tabbed Noble for a guest arc when they were seeking someone to play an eccentric genius on their show.

TV Equals was fortunate enough to sit in on a conference call with Noble to discuss his guest role which begins tonight.

About his character

As if the title of the episode didn’t give it away (“The Sin-Eater”), Noble will be playing Henry Parrish who has the capable to sense and remove evil from another person. There apparently is some chemistry between Parrish and Ichabod, but Parrish is a reluctant participant in Ichabod’s madness.

On working with Tom Mison and Nicole Beharie

Noble mentioned his experience with everyone involved was great, but he took quite well to Tom Mison in particular. Said Noble, “He’s a beautiful man and also a fantastic actor. We had some common ground in that we both come from a theatre background, which allowed us to talk about a whole series of issues.”

Parrish’s presence

Apparently, tonight is going to be just the beginning for Henry Parrish. Noble is scheduled to appear in four episodes this season (including tonight). However, Noble teases we could be seeing a lot more of him: “I’ll probably back next year as well for quite a lot.”

Henry Parrish vs. Walter Bishop

Obvious comparisons are going to be drawn between Noble’s interpretation of Parrish, and the role of Walter Bishop. For Noble’s part, he doesn’t run from such comparisons, but does want us to know there is a difference between the characters. “From what I know so far he doesn’t have that extreme range that Walter had. From what I know I don’t see Walters type of range. What I do see is the secrets and psychological twist of this character,” said Noble, “He’s not crazy like Walter was.”

What a disappointing reveal.

Catch the return of John Noble to our television screens tonight on a new episode of Sleepy Hollow at 8 PM on Fox.