Hart of Dixie Season 3 Review “How Do You Like Me Now?”

Hart Of Dixie Season 3 Episode 5 How Do You Like Me Now? 2

Another week, another win for Joel on Hart of Dixie, ‘How Do You Like Me Now’. This show has made a thing of shipper wars like no other since One Tree Hill and, with a third man thrown into the mix of Zoe Hart’s love life, it’s hard to fathom where the writers are wanting us to side. Do we want her with Joel, the nice guy from New York, or with Wade, the clear winner of season two and the guy we’re meant to think she’s pining after. Then again, there’s always George, whose relationship with Zoe was brought forth from the grave to play this week.

I do love how Bluebell seems to be a living version of a fan forum, voting on who Zoe should be with in their weekly poll. With only thirteen per cent voting for Joel as Zoe’s ideal guy, it’s up to our heroine to change people’s minds and court favour. She’s not giving up just yet, despite the look she gives Joel in the Rammer Jammer, and it seems to come from a place of love rather than denial – as everyone expects. Being fair to Zoe, I don’t think Joel is her cover up for feelings elsewhere.

However, the fact that Wade actually got behind Joel in the poll, and that he’s friends with the guy outside of their mutual interest in Zoe, feels like a tactic from the writers to redeem him. There are a good section of fans who will hate a character that cheats until the end of the world and, sadly, Wade now fits into that category. Will his bromance with Joel and general non-meddling ways make those viewers like him again? I’m not sure, but it’s too soon for them to get back together, anyways. Zoe’s scheming has gotten Joel up to thirty-odd per cent, and she couldn’t be happier about it.

The other corner of the love diamond was George and Zoe, who finally found a way to sort through their problems this week. I’m glad they did, even if I hate them together as a couple, but it can only get more complicated once Linley gets involved. Why, writers, why!? I’ve not seen a single viewer like this girl, and to have George slowly warm to her is only going to waste screen time going forwards. I’ll say it again – I really like Tansy, and I would much rather see her and George dance around each other for a season that see George with someone like Linley.

What did you think of the episode? Did you like Lemon and Lavon’s storyline this week? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.