Bones Season 9 Review “The Nazi on the Honeymoon” – Angela and Hodgins Get Major Baby Fever

Bones Season 9 Episode 7 The Nazi on the Honeymoon 1

In this episode of Bones, called “The Nazi on the Honeymoon,” Booth and Brennan go on their honeymoon and find a murder, while Angela and Hodgins find themselves suffering some major baby fever.

The idea that Booth and Brennan could go on their honeymoon and just relax was a cute one, except for the fact that this is Booth and Brennan we’re talking about here and of course that’s not possible. I liked that they each got their own sort of sidekick throughout the episode. Booth discovering that he (or rather, Agent Andy) was a hero thanks to Brennan’s book was classic. I have to admit that I totally started to suspect Valenza of foul play the moment I laid eyes on him so it was a nice twist to not have him involved in the crime. Instead it turned out to be Brennan’s sidekick/rival. Very clever to have her end up as the murderer, I didn’t suspect her at all.

Hodgins and Angela watching the kids back at home was so full of cute that I need to find another word for cute, lest I overuse it. How about adorable? Sweet? Endearing? Take your pick, any and all of those adjectives worked for their storyline in this episode. Granted, they had a lot of help thanks to two precocious little ones, but Angela and Hodgins were definitely in top form tonight. I loved watching them take care of two kids and it made me realize it’s been way too long since we’ve seen Christine or Michael. I would love to see those two more often, but I know it’s probably not possible. So I’ll settle for seeing them when I can. I also loved that watching the kids gave Hodgins and Angela baby fever and I wonder if that means the lab will be hearing the sound of pitter pattering little feet again soon. Maybe after all the sex she said she and Booth were having, Booth and Brennan will have a honeymoon baby of their own.

Or maybe I just have some major baby fever myself.

My favorite bits:

Booth in that hat. So cute.

Not being at all surprised to find out that Brennan was bored with too much relaxing.

“Those pools are contaminated with fecal matter from wild boar.”

“You gotta be kidding me, Bones. This is your idea of a honeymoon outing?”

“It’s an honor to have you visit.”
“Yes, I imagine it is.”

Leticia’s little comment about not having machines to do the work for them. Uh oh.

“Enjoy your honeymoon, Dr. Brennan. I must get back to work.” – Anyone else notice the way she emphasized the word “work”?

Valenza pointing out that “Agent Alex” let Dr. Reichs think he merely supports her because he was a real man. Haha!

Brennan surprising Dr. Perez with her Spanish.

“Hey, how’s the honeymoon going?”
“Very well, thank you. We’ve been enjoying sex very much.”

Angela’s surprise when she saw that Brenna was calling from a morgue.

Angela calling for help when she saw Brennan was in a morgue.

“Morgues are not romantic.”

Booth pointing out that he was a hero, over and over.

The look on Clark’s face when he found out he had to clean the bones.

“I find it’s best not to be overly confident.”
“I wasn’t aware you knew any other way to be.” – Whoa!

Sweets calling to give Booth grief for working on his honeymoon.

OMG, I was so thinking that Valenza might be corrupt. I cracked up when Booth had Sweets look into him for that same reason. Great minds.

Angela and Hodgins finding the kids behind the couch. So cute I almost imploded from the cuteness overload.

Booth telling Valenza that he drew inspiration as a cop from Superman.

Booth taking one look at the victim’s wife and assuming there was one way he would’ve died. Such a dirty mid!

Booth’s happy face when Valenza called him an icon.

Booth telling Sweets to get his feet off his desk. Haha!

“Don’t touch my bobblehead.”
“I didn’t.”
“It was bouncing.”

Dr. Perez making her snide little comment about how Brennan’s team hadn’t found any answers, even with all of their equipment.

“This isn’t babysitting, it’s a sleep-deprivation study.”

The whole argument about whether or not getting up counted as Hodgins “turn.” Haha!

“We’re doing what we love with the person we love. I actually find it highly romantic.” – Aw, leave it to Brennan to find the romance in a murder investigation.

Dr. Perez dropping the skull. Oops!

Brennan suggesting that she and Dr. Perez repair the skull together.

The kids playing in the background on the big screen. More adorableness.

Hodgins playing the “honeymoon” card to make Cam feel guilty about sending the kids back to daycare.

Cam chasing the kids. My heart seriously cannot take this. Michael’s little laugh just about killed me. SO. CUTE.

Angela telling Brennan to be nice to Dr. Perez because she was a guest.

“It’s our job to make the world a better place for our children. Don’t you believe that’s possible?” – I loved that.

The scumbag offering Booth and Valenza a bribe.

The music Brennan was listening to as she was examining the bones again. Gorgeous.

Brennan discovering the real killed, from a handshake. That’s our Brennan.

Hodgins and Angela losing the kids. again.

“I want another one.”
“Yeah, me too.” – Me three! The kiddos were so cute in this episode. I need to see more of them.

Booth figuring out a way to get Brennan more excited about her drinks, by serving them in fake (at least I hope they were fake) skulls.

“I think for my next book, Agent Andy Lister could do.”
“They would just make him a saint.”

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