Boardwalk Empire Season 4 “Marriage and Hunting” Review

We’re slowly creeping up to the action and climax we’ve been anticipating this season on Boardwalk Empire. Last night’s episode might end up being my favorite of the season, as it focused on my favorite characters – Chalky, Van Alden, Capone and Richard.

Although several characters were featured in this week’s episode, it was the battle for the north side between Chalky and Narcisse that took center stage. After Dunn’s betrayal and failed murder attempt, Chalky turned to another trusted ally for assistance – Nucky. It came as no surprise that Nucky considered his debt from last season repaid when he allowed Chalky to open the Onyx Club on the Boardwalk. It’s interesting how a man who wants to remain hands off and strictly about business still knows so much about the extra-curricular activities of his business associates.

Nucky wasn’t the only one privy to Chalky’s extramarital activities. Already treated like a source of shame for his family, Mrs. White was not pleased at the prospect of her husband showing up to their daughter’s wedding with a face that was a visual reminder of last week’s brawl with Dunn. Sensing the tension between her parents, Maybelle went to comfort her father and got an eyeful.

Nucky’s reluctance to back Chalky did not automatically result in the upper hand for Narcisse, who was battling with his own issues. It didn’t take much for him to figure out that Purnsley be done, but it was interesting to see that he could only bring himself to brutally beat Daughter. Narcisse clearly has no problem killing anyone – just ask Mrs. Pastor from earlier this season – so the choice not to kill Daughter was definitely a sign of reluctance and restraint. Narcisse’s “business venture” also took a hit after Arnold Rothstein stopped supplying heroin.

Business and family problems also plagued Rothstein and the Sargoskys in this week’s episode of Boardwalk Empire. Due to his excessive gambling and and getting swindled by Margaret’s employer, Arnold found himself in need of cash. Remember those insurance policies Rothstein made all of his associates sign back in season 1? I like the call back and I’m worried that one giggly gangster will not make it out of this season alive.

Tommy’s fate is now in the hands of a new judge, who expressed concern over Julia’s status as a single woman. A newly sober Gillian didn’t do such a bad job at pleading a pretty sympathetic case. It was refreshing to see her open up to Mr. Piggly Wiggly, however I still don’t like her and certainly don’t want her to end up with custody of sweet, little Tommy.

Julia Sargosky has been such a wonderful addition to this show. I took an immediate liking to her last season because she was kind to Richard, but I love her modern flair and pragmatism. The proposal to Richard was great. I’m so happy for this family. Richard is finally having his scrapbook dreams fulfilled. Let’s hope that his new job with Nucky doesn’t bring it to a tragic end.

Over in the midwest, Van Alden was also struggling with business and family. I love an unhinged Van Alden and we got it this week thanks to his former colleagues who foolishly decided to issue a little comeuppance for the steam iron in the face incident from last season. The scene between O’Bannion and Van Alden was amazing. It was also nice to see Van Alden go home and get a little of his manhood back as well.

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