The Amazing Race Season 23 Review “Choir Boy at Heart”

The Amazing Race returned tonight with the somewhat messy episode “Choir Boy at Heart”, as the teams make their way from Gdansk, Poland to Vienna, Austria.

Tonight’s episode really raised a lot of questions for me, and overall it didn’t exude the same level of polish and expertise that we’ve come to expect from this Emmy award winning show. We still don’t have any indication of when Nicole and Travis need to use their Express Pass by, which seems like a pretty major oversight at this point. We’re getting down to the second half of the season, so you’d think it would have to be pretty darn soon! All it takes is one little line to clarify it!

I’m also not sure why Leo and Jamal lied about not U-turning Adam and Brandon last week. I was already annoyed when that happened last week, since getting to U-Turn another team after you’ve already been U-Turned is really lame, but I don’t know why they wouldn’t just fess up to it. If they didn’t U-turn them, then they would have gone home instead. It’s a no-brainer.

I was very surprised that Jason and Amy weren’t able to even attempt the Fast Forward challenge. I can’t recall anything like that happening on this show before, so you can’t help but feel bad for them. For a show that wins an Emmy just about every year, and usually does such a great job at organizing their challenges, you’d think they would have a back-up challenge ready to go in case this one fell through. It was clearly subject to inclement weather, so you’d think they would just give them the Fast Forward just for showing up first, or make them do something else instead.

Jason and Amy’s unlucky streak continued when Tim and Marie took their taxi. I’m a little surprised that there’s no rule against that, since it definitely doesn’t seem very safe to have their bags just laying there on the street. Aren’t their passports and travel documents in there? What if the cabbie just dumped them out and they got stolen? You’d think that the Race producers would step in to make sure something like that doesn’t happen. Anyway, it didn’t seem to make much of a difference, as Jason and Amy were able to get into a taxi without much hassle. Tim and Marie sounded pretty stupid saying that “anyone” would have done the same thing in their situation, when Nicky and Kim just proved them wrong by not stealing Jason and Amy’s cab when given the chance. At least the cabbie felt guilty when he realized what he’d done.

The choir boy challenge was good in theory, but I thought it was pretty bogus that they were actually dinging people for not singing well enough. Some people are tone deaf, or they just have no concept of notes, so it seemed pretty unfair. The only reason Nicky made it so easily was because her dad spoke German, because she couldn’t carry a note in a bucket. It makes sense to ask everyone to get the pronunciation and rhythm correct, since everybody should be able to do that, but the notes was baloney. Some people are just born with a terrible singing voice. It’s a bummer that Tim’s terrible voice ended up costing them the game, when there’s nothing he can do about that.

I’m hoping that the next episode cleans it up a little bit with fairer challenges, and hopefully answers what the deadline is for Nicole and Travis’ Express Pass. We’re in the home stretch now, people!

Random Thoughts:

– The Afghanimals have bugged me in the past, but Leo hobbling and talking like Gollum in the Viennese theater was hilarious.

– I felt bad for those poor choir boys! How many hours were they there, singing the same song over and over again?!

– I could literally watch a whole episode of Tim taking singing lessons. A whole TV series, really. It’d be like “The King’s Speech”, just with a terrible singer! Get on that, CBS!