Revenge Season 3 Review “Dissolution”

Revenge Season 3 Episode 6 Dissolution (2)

“Dissolution” was perhaps the most appropriately-named episodes of Revenge this season. In both figurative and literal ways, things were falling apart all over the Hamptons this week, leading to another strong outing for the show.

Right out of the gate, seeing the Graysons and Emily at breakfast together made for an amusing scene. A lot has happened this season, and having everyone around one table, trading insults both veiled and overt, served as a reminder of just how many lies and grudges there are between these characters. Add in the cheery orchestral playing in the background, and it was impossible not to smile.

Of course, it got serious quickly after this opening, with certain lies finally catching up to the characters. The biggest moment of the episode was Nolan finally coming clean to Jack that he also knows Emily’s true identity. He wanted to be honest with his friend, but it was clear that Nolan was also just desperate to have someone to talk to. He was going through a rough time, not wanting to give up on Patrick even though he knew he couldn’t be trusted, and Emily was too focused on her plan to see the turmoil he was in.

In truth, all of Emily’s relationships were at risk of falling apart this week, in some form or another. The return of Sarah to Daniel’s life was a bit random, though it does mean another threat to his engagement to Emily. Charlotte was in full Grayson mode, manipulating events to bring Sarah and Daniel closer together; she’s definitely Victoria’s child.

Perhaps the only person fully on Emily’s side anymore is Aiden, but this episode was a perfect example of what a destructive force he is. While Jack and Nolan keep her grounded, Aiden is a negative influence. He’s so dedicated to ending the conflict and getting Emily to himself that he only serves to bring more chaos into her life. I know now all viewers are of this opinion, but I can only report on events as I see them.

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