Covert Affairs Season Four: They Did It Better in Europe

Covert Affairs Season 4 Episode 11 Dead (14)

Following her ‘death’ at the hand of Calder Michaels, Annie spent a month in Geneva doing deep cover work. It meant she didn’t have contact with anyone back home, a move which actually strengthened Covert Affairs. For once we were seeing Annie focusing on the job and while some people criticised her methods, she was finally acting like the brilliant operative we’ve always been told she is. Then she came home. Was there really no other way to get the laptop to Matthews than to bring it herself? It seems like a high risk for Annie, especially as the fate of five characters now lies in whether she can find the evidence needed to bring Henry Wilcox down.

While Annie’s a much stronger character and the overall plot is fairly solid, I can’t help but wonder why someone doesn’t just kill Henry. Wouldn’t the benefits of his death outweigh the possible loss of information on who he’s working with? Henry’s causing chaos wherever he goes and in the latest episode he even killed a CIA operative, albeit one who was already ‘dead’. It’s hard to empathise with the main characters’ difficulties in finding evidence against Henry when no one seems to be considering that killing him might be the best course of immediate action.

One other baffling Henry-related point in season four has been the emphasis on Sana, Henry’s ex-wife. This is where the show diverted briefly from Henry’s plans for power and revenge and instead focused on him wanting his ex-wife back. While it was good to finally get to know Jai’s mother and how her relationship with Henry was still affecting her life years later (as it likely will for our main characters), it didn’t really add much to the overall plot. Was it supposed to humanise Henry or show how tyrannical he is? Was his plans for business with Sana’s husband genuine or just a way to get back into her life? Does it really matter either way?

She wasn’t quite as pointless as Helen, at least. Helen, who was once Auggie’s real/fake wife, who wanted him back after playing dead for years to go under deep cover. Helen, who could have been an interesting main character if she was fleshed out a bit, but who instead had her information gathering skills overshadowed at the end by her yearning for Auggie. Because what this show needs right now is a love triangle, right? Wrong – and so after a little closure-sex, Helen was killed by Henry in a move that shocked absolutely nobody. Would it be so awful to have another female operative on this show? I’m still living in hope that Jaimie Alexander will come back as Reva someday.

Anyway, Helen’s admittance that she was Jessica Matthews before her death (she wasn’t) means that Henry’s attention has been pulled away from Annie once more. It’ll be interesting to see what Annie does next – while she may have some breathing room now, she’s still back home, where people can and perhaps will recognise her. Will Joan finally learn that Annie is alive? Will someone else have to sacrifice themselves to keep her unofficial mission going? Let’s hope not since we’re running low on characters already…

So, dear reader, tell me this: how do you think season four will end? Will Henry die? Will Annie get to go home? Will Auggie ever have a happy love life? Will Annie keep her fab new brunette locks? Share your thoughts in the comments below!