The Carrie Diaries Season 2 Review “Express Yourself”

Express Yourself

After last week’s triumphant introduction of Samantha on The Carrie Diaries season two, now it’s time for a filler episode! That comes complete with silly madcap plots and relationship drama that doesn’t actually progress anywhere, but that’s why we love this show isn’t it? It’s silly and slightly old-fashioned. We even had a storyline in which Carrie wanted to be in two places at once – how very eighties sitcom of her!

Thankfully, Carrie’s desire to be at both Walt’s eighteenth birthday and an important interview didn’t dominate the episode, and we focused instead on everyone’s inability to say what they’re really feeling. Carrie wants to ask Samantha to move out in time for Larissa’s return, Walt wants to tell Bennet how he feels and Mouse wants to learn how to have phone sex with West while they’re doing the long distance thing. All of them are doing a pretty crappy job before food poisoning strikes at Walt’s birthday bash.

I’m really glad Walt’s now eighteen, because Bennet’s rule of not getting involved before he was legal was getting annoying. Now, however, it’s been revealed that he has other reasons for putting him off – he doesn’t want to be in an exclusive relationship at all. At first, Walt’s understandably confused by this confession, but ultimately comes around to being casual while they figure out what both of them want. I’m glad this is being explored on the show, largely because the period setting of the show points out how much has changed about teen drama (though not necessarily about teenagers) since the eighties.

Despite the food poisoning, Carrie’s interview with The New School went well and will hopefully keep her visiting the city throughout season two. With the internship storyline not really working last year and school theoretically starting back up at some point, this is the perfect excuse to keep NYC a part of the show. I wish it were all of the show, if I’m honest, as storylines with the Bradshaws work perfectly fine without Carrie actually living in the house. As for Sebastian, Mouse and Maggie – I could take or leave them at the moment.

What did you think of the episode? Do you want the show to move to New York full time? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.