Haven Season 4 Review “Crush”

Haven Season 4 Episode 8 Crush (5)

If I thought for a second that Audrey had actually killed Nathan, we’d have a serious problem. But, that’s just not possible. I know that we’re probably not supposed to get too comfortable with the Audrey/Nathan relationship, but come on. We deserve more than 1 episode of coupledom!

New Rules.

The focus this week was mostly on the newest trouble. Jack and his brother, Aidan, contracted a trouble after being marked by the dastardly duo from the barn. It seemed impossible that the brothers could be troubled considering they were from the Driscoll family, who had never had any troubled members. Alas, the rules are changing in Haven since Audrey opened the portal from the barn. When Audrey sees the mark on Jack, she knows that the brothers have been infected by whatever dark force followed her.

This is the second episode with this new phenomenon of troubles following contact with the bad guys. It’s a clever way to change the narrative. If Audrey had come back into her old life and tooled around town with Nathan and Duke helping troubled folk, then we would pretty much be back to where we were in the first couple seasons. Don’t get me wrong, those seasons were great, but it would’ve rendered superfluous the destruction of the barn and Audrey’s disappearance. The changes to the story create a new sense of uncertainty in that there are new rules for how the troubles work. It also takes some of the ambiguity away from who is responsible for the troubles. Normally, the troubles appear cyclically and disappear when Audrey goes into the barn. Now we have a completely new paradigm and actual people who we can blame for some of the troubles.

New Duke.

We’ve seen Duke evolve over the past two seasons from a lovable scoundrel to a full-fledged member of the team. After killing Wade, Duke suffers a crisis of conscience and wants to revert back to his old ways. He kicks Jennifer off his boat and picks a fight with Nathan. The latter discovers that Duke no longer has his trouble and puts the pieces together that things didn’t end well for Wade.

Duke wonders at one point when he and Nathan became friends instead of enemies, which was an important development that hadn’t been directly addressed previously. They used to be at each other’s throats, and now they look out for one another. When Duke helps carry Nathan from the pressure zone and confesses about Wade, it is apparent that things are different for Nathan and Duke. They are almost more like brothers than Duke and Wade were.

Luckily, Duke comes to his senses and decides to embrace his new perspective: he is more interested in helping others than helping himself. He asks Jennifer to come back to the boat, and they finally hook up. It was good to see Duke move on from Audrey. Now that Duke has Jennifer, you don’t feel bad for him anymore that Audrey chose Nathan and not him.

Harbinger of Doom.

The one gripe I had about this episode was the weird crab thingy with the “human eyes.” The eyes didn’t seem very human to me, and that crab was pretty cheesy. The drawing of the crab in the book didn’t help since it looked like it was made by a 5 year old. Clearly, there will be some significance to the fact that Jennifer is the only one who has seen this creature. Hopefully, the next harbinger will not be as hokey (or rubbery).

It is convenient that the prophecy has changed so that killing Nathan is the last thing Audrey is supposed to do. Again, the writers are doing a good job at anticipating audience reaction. We have already had several episodes with Nathan begging Audrey to kill him. It would’ve been a drag if that continued on for the entire season. The point was made and now we’re moving on. This is a smart move that other shows should pay attention to. The Haven writers know not to drag things out too much and instead to keep the story moving.

As we’ve known since Audrey left the barn, the time would come for William to make an appearance. It looks like that will happen next week. I heartily support more Colin Ferguson face time, so welcome back!

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