Grimm Season 3 Review “PTZD”

Grimm Season 3 Episode 2 PTZD (4)

The Grimm is back to his old self! Well, kind of. Um, yeah, not really. The team stops zombie-Nick’s rampage at the beginning of this week’s episode, right as he is about to go ballistic on a couple and their two children. Fortunately, the non-farming looking family has a large barn (complete with hay and pitch fork), which comes in handy for trapping Nick. Rosalee double doses zombie-Nick, and voila – the red eyes are gone. The end. Oh, right, then this all happens.

Meet Semi-Zombie Nick.

Nick returns home and slowly regains consciousness. Juliette, Monroe, Hank, and Rosalee are there to fill him in, albeit incompletely, on what happened after he was turned by Baron Samedi. They skip some of the more violent details in order to spare Nick from being overwhelmed by guilt.

Though Nick swears that he feels fine and is eager to get back to his normal routine, Juliette notices that something is wrong. Very wrong. While watching Nick sleep, he turns blue, his body temperature drops, and his pulse stops. As Juliette frantically dials 911, he regains his color and heartbeat. This is not a good sign. Nick is broken somehow, and it will be interesting to see what that means in the long-term. He also seems to have some weird super strength. When he learns that he accidentally killed someone in the bar fight, he crushes a coffee mug in his bare hand. We knew Nick had to get super powers, and this transformation may be the best way to accomplish that. It’s hard to tell what the emotional damage will be for Nick after this experience.

Nick is not just physically broken, though. When he learns that one of the guys died in the bar fight, he is intent on turning himself in. Everyone seems to agree that Nick is now a murderer, though they understand there were extenuating circumstances. Not to get overly nit picky here, but Nick is not a murderer. In order to commit murder, a person has to have intent. At best Nick has committed manslaughter, but could easily justify it based on self-defense since the guy was coming at him with a knife. His best defense, though, is the fact that he was a zombie when he went crazy in the bar.

Adalind’s Goo of Doom.

Just when you think Adelind’s quest to get back her Hexenbiest powers can’t get more disgusting, it does. This week, she continued mutilating the body of the crone. This time she had to place the dead flowers from the field into the woman’s torso and sew it up. She then had to cut the string of the stitches with her teeth. I would’ve at least tried to wipe it off before putting it in my mouth, but Adelind instead goes for a piece that has a chunk of something disgusting on it.

After a bit of brewing, Adelind has to go back in and remove a bunch of red goo from the crone. At least we were spared seeing her reaching in and stuffing the jar. We didn’t escape unscathed, though, as we later see her smooth the red goo onto her stomach. As she does this, a red skeleton appears where the royal offspring is cooking inside her. When Adelind sees the red skull, I expected her to look scared or horrified. Instead, she smiles. This is when I remembered – Adelind is one of the bad guys. My sense is that by the time her ordeal is over, she’ll have more dark powers than what she had as a Hexenbiest before.

One Renard Remains.

I will be very disappointed if Eric Renard is actually dead. I love James Frain on the show and would like to see more, not less, of him. Plus, it would be very dissatisfying after the build up we’ve had between the brothers if getting rid of Eric was as simple as a car bomb.

As for our Renard, he continues to play the role of good guy. He helps save Nick and covers up his crime by stealing the surveillance tape. It was very astute of Hank towards the end to suggest that the surveillance video of Nick should never see the light of day. Hank hasn’t completely forgotten that Renard is untrustworthy. I think we should expect a shift in Renard sometime soon. Maybe with Eric out of the way, Renard’s position in the family will improve and his views on saving the Grimm will change.

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