White Collar Season 5 Review “One Last Stakeout” – Neal’s Secret Turns Dangerous

White Collar Season 5 Episode 3 One Last Stakeout (7)

In this episode of White Collar, called “One Last Stakeout,” Neal and Siegel’s C.I./handler relationship gets closer, Peter tries to move on, and Neal’s deal leads to dangerous consequences.

Remember that bad feeling I said I had in my last review? The one that I was afraid to say out loud for it might come to pass? Well, it came to pass. I don’t know why, but I’ve had a strong feeling since they introduced Siegel that he was going to die. I didn’t know how it would happen, but happen it did in this episode.

It was kind of sad that he was killed after we got to know more about him and to realize what a good guy he was – then again, I’m sure that was the point. We got to see that Siegel was rich, but gave up the life to put away criminals. We also saw that he was recently divorced and kind of lonely. After learning all that, I almost found myself happy that he was paired up with Neal and was strangely looking forward to seeing them work more cases together. I’m all about the Peter and Neal partnership so that was definitely an odd place for me to go.

But as much as I was starting to like Siegel, I did feel bad that Peter had to say goodbye to his old life. It was obvious that he missed it and not it looks like he’s going to get the chance to get back to it, at least for now. I have no doubt that Peter and Neal are going to team up now to solve Siegel’s murder. Which will be tough for Neal since Siegel was killed after following him to his meet with Hagen. I don’t know if Hagen is involved, but I’m sure Neal is going to blame himself for what happened. He spent a lot of this episode talking about how his life really hasn’t changed since he began working with Peter and I think he’s probably headed for a rough time. Peter will probably want to take on some of that guilt, too, so it’ll be interesting to see how they help each other out.

My favorite bits:

Finding out that Neal already knew that Siegel was divorced because he was playing with a phantom ring.

“How do you feel about ironic eyewear?”
“Sad for humanity.”

“I prefer my danger to be work-related.”

Oooh… Siegel is secretly rich? Interesting.

Neal pointing out that giving a con man a secret was to live a dangerous life.

Peter giving the double finger point. Haven’t seen that in a while.

“You’ve grown power-hungry with the pointy fingers, you know that, right?”

Neal pointing out that he hadn’t really come that far since their first case. Aw.

“Hagen’s free. I’m not.”

“Prison changed me, as I’m sure it did you.”
“It didn’t, actually.”

Neal’s crack about Peter driving “just” a town car.

Peter promoting Clinton to acting SSA.

“What do you think?” Too Ringo?”
“Too Bieber.”

All of Mozzie’s nicknames for Siegel. I like “Suit, the Sequel.”

Finding out that Mozzie has an actual list of enemies.

Poor Peter looking on wistfully as Neal and Siegel went off on a stakeout.

“Whoever did this is either brilliant or insane.” – Yep, that sums up Mozzie.

Siegel giving Neal a present.

Elle knowing that Peter’s mind was on the stakeout.

Finding out that Siegel’s family got their money from elevator buttons. That is awesome.

“That’s why I like being your handler Neal, you’re either gonna make my career or ruin it.”

The look on Neal’s face when Peter casually hopped in the car with him. Oops.

Ouch. I know he did it mostly for show, but Neal telling Peter that it wasn’t his life anymore really stung.

“I ran into a Peter-shaped problem.”
“You’re going to run into a handcuffed-shaped problem if you don’t get back to the car soon.”

Mozzie admitting that he might have let his desire for revenge overstate Zev’s skills as a thief.

Neal realizing that Rebecca was in trouble because of him.

“My first Peter Burke lecture. I feel 2 inches shorter.”
“Yeah, well, I used to be 7’4″, you’ll get used to it.”

Peter blaming himself for distracting Neal and putting a mark on Siegel’s record.

Neal and Peter working together to solve the case. Aw, just like the good not-so-old days.

Mozzie crossing Zev off of his enemy list.

Neal calling Mozzie “MacGyver.” Ha!

Neal asking Mozzie if he could make him an 8-track player.

“I could make a wine opener.”
“That, I believe.”

Finding out that Siegel was watching Neal during his meeting with Hagen. Uh oh.

I knew it. I knew it. I knew it. I KNEW IT.

Peter and Neal standing over poor Siegel’s body.

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