Hawaii Five-0 Season 4 Review “Kupouli `la” – Psychos and Zombies for Halloween

Kupouli 'la (Broken)

In this episode of Hawaii Five-0 called, “Kupouli `la” (Hawaiian for “Broken”), the team catches a case on Halloween that seems to lead to zombies and Catherine searches for new meaning to her life.

Another fun Halloween-themed episode that started out fun, but scary and ended in a very different place. I thought the guys would spend the whole episode chasing down fake zombies, but instead the trail led them to human experiments and a father who made some very wrong choices about how to help his son. I loved that we got to see a bit more from Max and Sabrina. It just wouldn’t be a Halloween episode unless Max was talking about some wild theory and I think it’s awesome that he’s found a girl who agrees with him.

As for some of the more serious notes, they were brought about by Catherine and her struggles to figure out what to do with her life now that Billy is dead. Her whole life was the Navy and then her life was working with Billy and I could see she was lost. I didn’t expect her to dive in head-first on Adam’s disappearance, but I guess that makes sense. Though a part of me feels about as lost with her story as she seemed to feel at the beginning of this episode. When she was working for Billy at least I could see how she might fit seamlessly into the stories with Steve and Five-0. I can’t quite figure out why her story led her through the Billy pit stop on the way to Kono/Adam-ville, but I’m going with it. I do have to wonder what will become of her once Adam is found and Kono is home safe. Will she be forever destined to hang out on the Five-0 sidelines? Will she find another security job? Will they bring her in to Five-0 as a partner for Kono? (I have to admit, I’m actually starting to warm to that last one). I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

My favorite bits:

Max and Sabrina rocking out to the Time Warp on the beach. That looked like the most fun Halloween ever.

Catherine jogging and reliving Billy’s death.

Steve calling one of the kids “Witchy-poo.” That made me laugh.

“I’m not saying forget, Catherine, I’m saying you gotta forgive yourself.”

Catherine admitting she wanted to move on but didn’t know how.

Max explaining his latest Keanu-theme Halloween costume.

Max calmly telling Chin that he thought the guy was a zombie.

“Max must be thrilled. Pretty sure zombie attack’s on his bucket list.” – Who doesn’t have that on their bucket list?

Danny asking why they never took Steve’s truck? That’s a fair question.

The entire conversation about how TPing a house was a gateway crime. Is it weird that I kind of agree with him?

Danny and Steve staring at each other inside the party bus.

“You gonna get an evidence bag or are you gonna put that thing on?”

Steve pointing out that he was going to remind Danny of his gratefulness for slutty costumes when Grace was a teenager.

“You gonna… ?”
“No way, dude. That’s all you.”

Chin finding that the body was missing a head. Wait, when did I start watching Sleepy Hollow?

Max and Sabrina discussing their plans for a zombie apocalypse.

“It’s funny how our relationship keeps circling back to the intensive care ward.”
“Yeah, we might want to break that cycle.”

Finding out that Danny had the crime lab run the toilet paper from his tree. Haha!

“Congratulations Danny, you’ve just become an angry old man.”

Danny admitting that he was claustrophobic.

“How did it take me four years to learn that about you?”
“I don’t know, maybe you don’t pay that much attention to me.”

Danny tripping the guy on his way out of the cave.

“I don’t know if you’re dumb, but you’re definitely deranged.”

Max dumbing down his explanation of what happened to Marshall.

Catherine’s ninja skills at getting photos and more info on where Sato’s men were going. Extra points for even managing to get a fingerprint.

Steve slapping the drink out of Upton’s hand.

Danny pausing at the end of the entrance to the tunnel and then going in anyway. Yeah, go Danny!

Steve neutralizing Brock but then reassuring him that everything would be okay.

Danny using his detective skills to discover who toilet papered his house.

Grace admitting that she toilet papered her own house because doing it to someone else’s house would be mean. Aw.

Danny telling Grace to call him if she needed to vandalize someone’s house, because he could take her to Uncle Steve’s. Ha!

“So what’s the plan?”

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