Covert Affairs Season 4 Review “No.13 Baby” – Bad Luck, Baby

Covert Affairs Season 4 Episode 13 No.13 Baby (1)

In this episode of Covert Affairs, called “No. 13 Baby,” Annie returns to D.C. as her investigation leads her closer to Henry, meanwhile Helen and Auggie get to a new/old place, and everyone heads towards more danger.

Man, I feel like I’ve been hit with a lot of significant character deaths recently. Either the deaths have been significant because I liked the person and am now sad for their loss (see my review of this week’s episode of White Collar), or because I was suspicious of the person and now feel guilty for thinking badly about them (see my review of last week’s episode of Hawaii Five-0). Helen fell into the latter category.

Call me crazy, but even though Annie faked her death and colored her hair and has been staying mostly away from Auggie – I still thought both of them were in the mindset that they were going to get back together. I figured that Annie was just doing this whole act for now and as soon as they had the evidence they needed, she would return to her old life. I guess that was pretty naive of me, but it wasn’t until Auggie was kissing Helen that I realized that things were much more complicated than that.

I didn’t think Auggie would ever sleep with Helen again and though he did say that he basically only did it as a way to move on (interesting method, that), I’m sure finding out that Helen died (for real, this time) is going to tear him up. Add to that the fact that Helen died at Henry’s hand because he basically thought she was Annie (or at least the woman that Annie has become) and you’ve got yourself a recipe for angst and anger and lots of other complicated feels. Helen’s death has set up a situation that is going to make it hard for Annie and Auggie to get back together again, even after they put Henry away. I should’ve known that it wasn’t going to be that easy for them because, well, has it ever?

My favorite bits:

“There’s a lot of ghosts in here, glad I’m not the only one.”

“Careful, you are dancing with the devil.”
“I like to dance.”

Annie pulling the cover off the gorgeous car that Auggie gave her.

Joan telling Helen that it wasn’t the time for her to come back to Langley. Is it wrong that I hope it’s never the right time?

Joan admitting that sometimes she would lie awake at night wondering what life would be like for her and the baby without Arthur.

The Calder vs. Helen car chase. That was pretty epic.

Calder pointing out that Auggie was a soldier and that Annie needed to follow her own rules.

Calder telling Auggie to let Annie go because he was putting them all in jeopardy. He’s not cutting her any slack, is he?

Annie sitting in the car and reliving the time when Auggie gave it to her.

Annie sitting down next to Auggie on the bus and just watching him. I kept waiting for him to figure out she was there.

Annie seeing Auggie meeting Helen. Oh, no.

Helen taking Auggie to her house. Yeah, ’cause that’s not weird. Does she seriously not get that he’s with Annie? “Dead” or not?

Auggie admitting that things weren’t the same for him with Helen.

“You did give me the chance to let someone in and I wanted to thank you for that.”

Okay, I seriously love Barber’s car.

Calder showing Annie her own grave stone.

“We’re in this together, Walker. Never forget that.”

“I saw the look in his eye. It’s not a question of if he finds you, it’s a question of when.”

Helen warning Annie that she shouldn’t wait too long to return to Auggie.

Henry and Annie’s dance between the buses. Talk about tense.

Helen saying that she was Jessica Matthews. Oh man, I knew he was going to kill her as soon as she said it. And now I feel awful for hating on her.

Annie knocking on Auggie’s door.

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