The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Review “Monster’s Ball”

On the latest episode of “The Vampire Diaries,” it was a Halloween night to remember, with “Monster’s Ball.” In it, we got at least one major revelation, though they dropped the ball somewhat with the ending. I say that because the show is notorious for its cliffhangers, and it had the opportunity for a doozy of one here, as Katherine, who had just found out she had a living daughter- and said daughter was none other than Nadia!- was summarily duped and dispatched by Damon in league with Silas.

Except that she wasn’t, as her heart was still beating after Silas drained her in order to revive himself after Tessa put the whammy on his heart and put him into pseudo-corpse mode. It would have been quite the gasp-inducer if they let Katherine go into the light, being seemingly human and all, but instead of ending it there, apparently her time card wasn’t clocked out just yet as she took a licking (or a sucking) and kept on ticking. Leave it to Katherine to survive even being drained of blood as a human. That girl’s got more lives than a cat.

That said, I’m glad they didn’t take her out, as the show wouldn’t be the same without her. Sure, Silas is a solid villain and Tessa’s pretty intriguing in her own right, but Katherine has been the big bad for longer than anyone, really, even Klaus and Co., who weren’t introduced until later on in the series. She’s the girl you love to hate, and also a fun part for Nina Dobrev to play, no doubt, even with her brief turn as evil Elena on the table. You hate Katherine when she’s there, but you hate it more when she leaves, am I right?

Interesting revelation about Nadia, too. Suddenly, that wacky three-way with Matt and Rebekah makes a lot more sense. You can take the mother away from the child, but you can’t quite take the mother out of the child, I guess, if you know what I mean. Apparently, getting freaky with it runs in the family, you know? It is sort of bizarre that the way older Katherine looks younger than her daughter, though! Chalk it up to good vampire genres, I suppose.

We also discovered that the not-so-good doctor knows all about Elena and Caroline and has given them notice to get out of dodge or suffer the consequences. Not sure what he’s up to with Jesse, but if I had to guess, I’d say looking for a vampire cure, maybe? Good luck with that, given the lengths everyone went to in finding the one that did exist- and look how that turned out. Apparently, that “cure” has some interesting side effects, what with Katherine being decidedly not dead and all.

As predicted, the gang is currently attempting to revive Bonnie, and not with her express permission, either, though it’s not like she has much say in the matter, what with only Jeremy able to hear her, and he has a vested interest in bringing her back, being her BF and all. Still, working with Silas is questionable, even by Damon’s iffy standards. Of course, as Silas points out, Damon might enjoy messing with Stefan a bit more than he should. So far, that plan isn’t exactly working very well, and now Tessa is onto them, to make matters worse.

On other fronts, enjoyed the costumes for the big masked ball, particularly Caroline and Tyler’s Bonnie & Clyde. Caroline makes a fetching Faye Dunaway, no? Too bad the evening didn’t end as well as the day began, what with Tyler opting for revenge on Klaus over love and college with Caroline. That girl can’t catch a break with the guys, can she? Maybe she and Elena should bail on college after all. It hasn’t exactly been all keggers and giggles.

The only other major development was the arrival of new character Aaron (Shaun Sipos), who is both the late Megan’s boyfriend, and the ward of none other than Dr. Maxfield. Not much info on him thus far, except that people around him have a funny way of getting dead, including his family, hence the whole parental guardian thing. Too soon to say what I think of him as of yet, but we’ll see. He might prove a decent ally for Elena, since Dr. Maxfield told him to stay away and we all know that nothing makes someone of a certain age do the exact opposite like telling them not to do something.

All in all, a decent Halloween episode of “The Vampire Diaries.” I still think they should have left the revelation of Katherine’s still being alive for the next episode, but whatevs. It was a good episode on the whole, so we’ll let it slide. What did you think? Sound off in the comments section and see you next episode!