Elementary Season 2 Review “An Unnatural Arrangement”

On the latest episode of “Elementary,” the focus was on Captain Gregson (Aidan Quinn), and by extension, his wife Cheryl (Talia Balsam), when a home invader broke in and confronted her, seemingly looking for her husband. But in “An Unnatural Arrangement,” all was not as it seemed. The title refers to one of Holmes’ less-than-flattering descriptions of what he thinks marriage to be, and sadly, it turned out Gregson’s relationship with his wife fit that bill all too well.

For one thing, he and his wife aren’t even living together and had been separated for some time, which, had she not been a cop’s wife for so long, might well have gotten her killed. Thankfully, Cheryl thought fast, and was able to not only elude her would-be captor, but shoot him as well. Unfortunately for her, it wasn’t even her husband that the guy was after in the first place. Curse you, Google Maps!

Yep, it seems that the guy in question got the wrong house by mistake, which just goes to show you can’t trust computers these days. Between trying to find a destination and signing up for health care, it just isn’t happening. So, remember wackos, if you’re planning a home invasion, the least you can do is get the right address. I mean, that’s just common courtesy.

This played more like a character study than a murder mystery this week, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as we got some reasonably interesting information about Gregson- like that he could have been one of the youngest detectives ever if it wasn’t for his derision for Internal Affairs. But by and large, this was pretty standard stuff. A cop that’s struggling with his marriage because of long hours and being a bit distant at home? You don’t say! At this point, I’d be more surprised by a cop with a happy marriage than one that was at odds, you know?

Still, I get it. It’s not an easy life. But at least some people manage to stay friendly with their exes if it doesn’t work out, which proved to be the case here, as the culprit was the former husband of an archeologist (Sarah Wynter, formerly of “24”), who was looking to cover her tracks after she pilfered some artifacts at a dig in Afghanistan. Well, that relationship must have ended well, if he was willing to do something like that for his ex!

Unfortunately for her, that didn’t extend to saving her bacon when he was caught, as he took her down with him once the gang tracked him down. Oh well, just goes to show, when you’re hiring someone to do your dirty work for you, best to do it anonymously. Like, I don’t know, over the internet…oh wait! Yeah, don’t do that either. After all, they might end up going to the wrong freaking house!

Not to mention the fact that some people don’t seem to realize that stuff like that leaves a freaking trail online. So, if we learn anything from this episode, please let it be that you probably don’t want to do anything online that can come back to haunt you. Well, that and if you’re going to do something shady, do more thorough research, for God’s sake.

A decent episode of “Elementary,” all around, but I wouldn’t have minded a Halloween-themed show. It would have been interesting to see how Holmes reacts to the holiday, and what his thoughts on that were. Sure, we got his views on marriage, which were predictably negative, but you know, if you’re going to air on Halloween itself, at least allude to it a little. Or maybe that’s just me, as I do admittedly love the holiday. As it stands, this was a good episode, but nothing spectacular.

What did you think of “Elementary” this week? Would you have liked to see Holmes’ take on Halloween, too? Hoping that Watson goes on to solve a case that Sherlock couldn’t? How would you fare at a case of holding cell roulette? Looking forward to the return of Holmes’ brother next week? Sound off on this and more in the comments section!