The Tomorrow People Season 1 Review “Kill or Be Killed”

Kill or be killed indeed. This episode of The Tomorrow People gave significant insight into the complicated relationship between John and Jedikiah. They have a weird father/son type thing going on, except that the father is hunting down and trying to kill the son. Like I said, kind of weird. I also had a feeling that Jedikiah was hiding things, and one of his secrets is secret no longer.

Years ago, Jedikiah wasn’t just hunting down tomorrow people to strip them of their powers. He was trying to figure out how to turn them into weapons. In Jed’s quest to weaponize the tomorrow people’s abilities, he created a monster. Whatever process or drugs he used to weaponize the abilities, somehow turned off the switch preventing tomorrow people from killing other people. Unfortunately for him, one of his science projects, Killian, got loose and started wreaking havoc. It’s all fun and games until Frankenstein’s monster gets loose and destroys the lab. Which is exactly what happened with Killian. When Jed couldn’t control him anymore, he sought to kill him. Killian was blowing up buildings and killing people all over the place, and Jed put all his resources into locating and stopping him before he got to Ultra (and by extension Jed) and destroyed them. Killian wasn’t really after Jed though. He was after John. I suppose he felt betrayed that John wasn’t hunting him anymore. I don’t know. It doesn’t really matter. What matters is that Killian’s arrival revealed two very important things: (1) Jedikiah is even more twisted than I thought and (2) John can kill.

The revelation that Jed is responsible for flipping off the no-kill switch makes it a bit clearer as to why he’s convinced that the tomorrow people are only one genetic mutation away from being able to kill humans. He’s the one that jumpstarted the mutation. He wants to unlock that part of them so that he can create his own personal assassin squad, but why? Would he become a mercenary and hire them out to the highest bidder? Would he use them to seize power for himself? What’s the endgame there? Whatever Jedikiah’s ulterior motives are for attempting to create his own super soldiers, this reveal also explains why he’s expending so much energy to locate and kill John. Killian believed he was the only one who could kill, but John and Jed knew differently. The process worked on John too and that’s why he left Ultra. And that’s why Jed is so afraid of John.

Last week we got a closer look at Cara; this week we got a closer look at John. Apparently, one of the requirements of being a tomorrow person is that you have to have a crappy childhood. John was living in a foster home run by an abusive alcoholic until one day Jedikiah Price showed up. Jedikiah was compassionate and understanding. He gave John a place to live and regular meals to eat. He also taught John how to fight and stand up for himself. If that were all Jed did, that would be great. Unfortunately, Jed happens to be a sadistic bastard who also experimented on John and messed with John’s head. He pretended to care about John and look on him as a son, but in reality John was nothing more than a science project. Jed’s empathy and compassion were a means to manipulate and control John. That manipulation and control are the only things keeping John from killing Jed and Jed knows that. Once again I have to give Mark Pellegrino tremendous props for infusing Jedikiah with so many simultaneously conflicting character traits. He is at once compassionate and cruel; cunning and foolish; honest and deceitful. Pellegrino plays all of these paradoxical traits with such conviction and just enough of a hint of sympathy that it’s difficult to truly hate Jedikiah even though he is evil.

Finding out that John can kill also explains why he refuses to tell anyone about his time at Ultra. Part of him is ashamed at what he became. There’s a reason that tomorrow people can’t kill anyone, and John would rather his no-kill switch stayed on. John basically said that it’s not so much the killing that’s the problem. It’s the living with yourself afterwards. Part of his reluctance to engage with Ultra (up to this point) has been that he didn’t want to lose his soul. I can completely understand that. Some roads you walk down, you can never come back from. But I think a part of John is also afraid of what the other tomorrow people would say if they found out. Part of him seems afraid that they would reject him. I don’t know that they would, but it doesn’t seem that John is willing to risk it. But what would the other tomorrow people say if they found out that there was a serum that would allow them to be able to kill? Would they want that power? Some of them would probably say yes. I don’t think Stephen would be one of them.

Stephen has a good heart. Jedikiah was being a jerk after Stephen asked (at his mother’s request) for Jed to come by the house for dinner. Unfortunately for Jed, his car was wired to explode and while everyone else was standing frozen, Stephen teleported into the car and got Jed out. I can’t say I’m surprised that Stephen saved Jed, but I’m kinda with John. The tomorrow people’s fight would be easier if Jedikiah weren’t around. I don’t know if Stephen even considered that. He just saw someone in danger and he knew there was something he could do to help, so he helped. It just doesn’t look like Stephen has it in him to kill people even if they are as evil as Jedikiah. Just as an aside, I don’t get why Stephen is always so surprised when Jedikiah lies and otherwise deceives him. Nothing about Jedikiah screams ‘trust me,’ so I don’t get why Stephen always looks like a lost puppy when he finds out that he’s been duped once again.

This was another pretty solid episode. The primary function was to establish the relationship between Jedikiah and John, and I think that mission was accomplished. Let’s just say, the gauntlet has been thrown. John put Jedikiah on notice that the tomorrow people aren’t running anymore and they’re bringing the fight to Ultra. I guess John finally realized that running and hiding isn’t the way to live. I like that there was sufficient enough history established between the two opposing leaders to create a significant enough emotional impact when their fight to the death finally happens. This should be interesting. So what did y’all think of this week’s The Tomorrow People?

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