Survivor: Blood vs. Water Review “Swoop in for the Kill”

Survivor: Blood vs. Water returned tonight to set the feminist movement back a couple decades with “Swoop in for the Kill”. I’ve argued against the people who cry foul over the way Survivor depicts women in the past, but tonight was not doing me any favors.

We started out with poor Kat reacting to being sent to Redemption Island, which she was decidedly not happy about. I was originally pretty happy about her not crying when she was sent packing, but she quickly rectified that by falling apart on the beach. I was hoping that Kat would have matured a little bit in the few years since One World, but it appears she hasn’t changed that much.

Her breakdown continued into the Duel, where she seemed genuinely concerned that Hayden would no longer respect her after she was eliminated. They must not have a very strong relationship if she felt like he would dump her just because she didn’t make it very far in a Survivor season. I mean, it isn’t like she was the first one out! Far from it! As much as I do like Kat, and I realize I may be in the minority there, I am glad that she didn’t successfully guilt Hayden into switching places with her. I’m not a huge Hayden fan or anything, but I think the idea of someone who’s already played before being replaced by a newbie is such a bummer. It cracked me up that Hayden was able to convince Kat that leaving him in the game was the best choice for their relationship, long term. Way to go, dude. That’s like a Jedi mind trick right there.

Well Kat unsurprisingly loses the Duel and is sent home, and Tadhana unsurprisingly wins the immunity challenge. Not much of note really happened until Galang returned from yet another consecutive loss, where yet another woman makes a boneheaded move.

Seriously, WHAT was going through Laura B’s head?! I mean, how did she not think that would be a problem? In all my years of watching and reviewing Survivor, I can’t think of somebody so brazenly divulging a secret like that. I mean, it isn’t like she told Vytas he was getting voted out and then immediately apologized to her tribe for the slip-up. It isn’t like the confession just slipped out before she could corral it back in. I’ve never seen anybody so cluelessly knock themselves out of the game like that, and the worst part is that she still had no idea what she did wrong when she made it to Redemption Island! Oy. I bet Rupert was slapping his hairy forehead in frustration after that move.

Random Thoughts:

– How hilarious was it with Tina trying to pawn her daughter off on Vytas? Yet another funny quirk of the whole “blood vs. water” twist. Does anyone remember what Katie’s backstory is, by the way? She has a different last name from her mom. So did Tina re-marry or was Katie married?

– It’s like they’re going out of their way to give Katie as little screen time as possible. Even when she’s speaking, it seems like they’re trying to show footage of other things while she’s talking.

– Are we ever going to get an immunity idol in this season? Nobody is looking at their camps, and nobody is reading the dang clues!