Supernatural Season 9 Review “Slumber Party” – Welcome to Oz, Sam and Dean

The Slumber Party

In this episode of Supernatural, called “Slumber Party,” Charlie returns to help the boys out and ends up getting them in a heap of trouble. In other words, a typical Tuesday.

Well, I guess it was about time that this show took a visit to the world of Oz and I was glad that they gave us a different version of Dorothy. Of course she would have been a hunter and of course she would’ve been attached to the Men of Letters. As always, it was great to see Charlie again and I really like that they sent her off to explore with Dorothy in Oz. It seems like the perfect place for her and it also leaves the door open for the boys to have to go there someday.

Besides all the Dorothy, Charlie and Oz fun, there was the continuation of the main storyline we have going this season – Dean’s secret from Sam. You wouldn’t think that something that serious would come up in an episode about Oz, but it did. The trouble is, Sam and Dean’s life is very dangerous – even when they’re at home – and Dean keeps on finding himself in situations where he needs Zeke’s help. This time the angel dropped in to save Charlie, but every time he does something like that it increases the amount of time that Zeke has to stay in Sam. Talk about the world’s worst catch-22. Also, this time Sam actually heard Dean call for Zeke, so it seems like we might be getting closer to the moment when Sam finds out about all this and I am not looking forward to that blow-up.

I was glad that the boys did get a chance to talk about Sam’s aversion to calling the Bunker home. I just couldn’t understand what his issue was, but I understand now where he was coming from. It made me feel bad for Dean that he kept putting effort into making the place homey, while Sam always seemed to be waiting for the moment they would leave again. I hope the conversation they had was healing for Sam and that he can start relaxing there the way Dean has. Lord knows they both need to feel at home somewhere.

I loved Crowley’s part in this episode and his interactions with the witch. He seemed to be having so much fun, I almost felt sorry when it didn’t change his situation. I must be suffering from some form of Stockholm syndrome, because now I’m starting to actually have feelings for a demon?

Sadly, there was only the barest mention of Castiel in this episode. Last week’s Cas-tastic episode was so wonderful, I hope that’s not all we’re going to see of him for a while.

My favorite bits:

Another black and white scene. Love it.

Jenkins going off on all the reasons the bunker wasn’t a dump, until he’d been there a while.

“Which one of you geniuses is going to help me kill the wicked witch?”

Crowley saying that he’d settle for stretching his legs when Sam refused to give him a room with a view.

Just shaking my head when Dean told Sam that Cas wanted to leave.

“This was your idea?”
“Do you see anybody else in here?”

Loving the fact that the first thing Dean did when he found the computer was take a screwdriver to it.

Blue goo that climbs up walls? Yep, this is not going to end well.

“Yes, despite my lady parts, I managed to catch the wicked witch myself.”

“I just took down a teenage vampire and a ghost… which sounds like a Y.A. novel when I say it out loud.”

Sam and Dean asking Charlie to erase all the Supernatural books from the internet.

Sam turning into a stuttering fool when Charlie said that Becky had uploaded the unpublished Supernatural novels.

The boys and Charlie hanging out and watching DVDs. Too cute. Talk about a moment straight out of a fanfic.

“What the matter, darling? Cowardly lion got your tongue?”

The look on Charlie’s face when Sam called her the smartest person in the room. Aw.

“You were much nicer in the books.”

Charlie standing up for the Men of Letters.

“Stop ruining my childhood.”

Crowley calling Sam and Dean the Scarecrow and the Tin Man.

“What did she say to you?”
“Something along the lines of… (hisses).”

Dean shooting Crowley after he said he needed to be aired out. Ha! Totally saw that coming.

“Damn it, I just cleaned in here.”

Sam admitting he hadn’t had much luck with homes.

“You keep your porn meticulously organized, but not… ”
“Don’t judge me.”

Charlie diving in front of Dean to take the witches attack. Oh noes!

Dean calling out for Zeke.

Charlie waking up with a “Merry Christmas.”

“I told you to stay in the dungeon.”
“I bet you say that to all the girls.”

“Can we be best friends now?”

Sam asking who Zeke was. Uh oh.

“You’re not a real hunter until you’ve died and come back again.” – Ah, so the Winchesters didn’t actually invent that?

Sam opening up to Dean about why he wasn’t too keen on calling the Bunker his home. Aw, now I get it and it’s so sad.

The witch taking control of Sam and Dean. Eeek!

Dorothy pointing out that it was tacky to wear a dead woman’s shoes.

Thinking that WitchSam and WitchDean were kind of awesome with their glowy eyes and super-deep voices.

“Sorry about the nards, Dean.”

Agreeing with Dean. Baby did indeed look good in that garage.

“Am I a zombie now? Do I need to eat brains?”

Okay, now I really need to see Dean on Dorothy’s bike.

A little AC/DC? Yes! Thank you, show!

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