Sons of Anarchy Season 6 “Los Fantasmas” Review

On this week’s episode of Sons of Anarchy everyone was feeling the weight of their past actions.

Thanks to a well-placed media leak by Tyne, the club’s alleged connection to the school shooting was front and center on the morning paper. The timing couldn’t be worse for SAMCRO, as the town has already begun discussions of how to banish the motorcycle club from Charming. This will also further complicate Jacob Hale’s affordable housing project in Charming, which is a key part of Jax’s push to get the club on a new trajectory.

The Byzlats are also struggling to keep it together while Nero is in jail. Nero finally caught a break as Eli’s browbeating of Tyne appeared to have some effect. He’s physically free, but I suspect that the Companionator will continue to be encumbered by the weight and the guilt of his role in the school shooting.

Although she’s now closer to fully carrying out her exit strategy, Tara still looked as though she had the weight of the world on her shoulders. It’s rightfully so, considering Gemma is not going away quietly into the night.

I was genuinely surprised that Unser kept Tara’s secret from Gemma. I also enjoyed the harsh truths he delivered to both Tara and Gemma. Unfortunately, his words did not appear to result in any change – this is likely because Gemma and Tara have much more in common than they’d care to admit.

As we’ve seen over the last few episodes, Wendy is struggling with her role in Tara’s plan. I expected that she would crack under the pressure and spill the beans to Gemma. Instead, Wendy is internalizing her guilt and it’s led her back to her old vices. Seeing Wendy shooting up was very disturbing. This is the woman with whom Tara wants to leave her kids. By the time Tara’s trial starts, Wendy could be back in full blown addiction.

Further complicating the situation is Tara’s love for Jax. Although she seemed resolute in her decision to divorce him while talking to her attorney, her love for Jax was clear as he pleaded with his wife to let him in again. As tired as I am of hearing Jax ask Tara if she regrets returning, I’m glad that the two are finally talking about the broken state of their marriage. This, of course, is going to make the hurt and betrayal cut that much deeper when Jax is served with divorce papers. Don’t even get me started on the epic fight that will ensue when – not if – Tara finds about Jax and the old whore.

Indeed, these are troubled times in Charming.


The results from last week’s poll were really interesting. Nearly half of the voters thought that the kids would be better off with Tara, but only by a very narrow margin over Jax. It’s safe to say that the overwhelming majority of you think that the kids should not be with Gemma.

The conversation between Tara and Jax last night reminded me of what I loved so much about the couple when they first reunited.

Their relationship has withstood a seemingly insurmountable number of tests – Gemma’s meddling, Ima Tite, kidnapping, Clay’s failed murder plot, jail . . .

I don’t know, however, if there’s any hope if their respective betrayals are revealed. I know the focus is on Tara’s scheming, but let’s not forget that Jax slept with another woman while his wife was in jail because of her efforts to save the club from RICO and to help her husband make good on his promise to get them out of Charming. Promise unfulfilled.

Despite these troubles, there is still a part of me that wants the couple to make it. That leads to this week’s question . . .

Will Jax and Tara still be together at the end of season 6?
Not a chance in hell.
Yes – if Jax doesn’t find out about Tara’s setup of Gemma – this assumes Tara can forgive Jax for cheating.
This couple was doomed from the start and should never have gotten back together.

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