Revolution Season 2 Review “Dead Man Walking

Revolution Season Episode 6 Dead Man Walking (12)

At some point or another, the network is going to put the advertising machine into overdrive and hype a show up as hard as it can. For the past week, NBC has been doing just that with “Dead Man Walking.” Hyped as the episode we’ll be talking about all season, the question was whether or not Revolution could live up to the hype. Thanks to several big moments, I think it’s safe to say the show pulled it off.

This was an episode that was at a bit of a disadvantage because, thanks to the previews, we knew Monroe was going to get captured. This made the first few scenes a bit of a waiting game, though they were played well, showing just how reckless Monroe was in attacking the Patriots. Still, his capture did seem a bit too easy, so it was clear that someone had rat him out. The obvious culprit was Rachel, who in fact did give the Patriots a heads up about Charlie and Miles’ breakout attempt. I wasn’t even mad at her for this decision, as she has numerous, justifiable reasons to hate Monroe and want to see him dead. I was actually more surprised that Miles was willing to consider helping him at all.

Speaking of Miles and Monroe, their farewell scene was easily the highlight of the hour. One of the first season’s greatest strengths was the relationship between the friends-turned-enemies, and this scene summed up the best parts of it. Monroe was doing his best to atone for his sins, and you could tell that Miles wanted to reciprocate. Unfortunately, they both chose the moment to reveal their darkest secrets, leaving the duo’s last moment together mired in hatred and anger. It was a tragic moment, made all the more depressing by Monroe’s death.

After Aaron’s revival earlier this season, I admit it’s possible that Monroe could still be alive. In fact, I expected as much when it was Gene, Rachel’s father, who was administering the lethal injection. Of course, then we saw the burial, which might’ve been enough to confirm his death. However, that was followed by the reveal that it was in fact Gene who had given the Patriots Monroe’s location in the first place. I’ve noted before that Revolution has relied on this trick numerous times, but I felt that it actually worked well here. This wasn’t a character just introduced last week; he’s been a major character all season, as well as a member of the Matheson family. It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out as the season moves forward.

Meanwhile, across the country, Tom continued the journey to find his son. Unfortunately, finding Jason wasn’t the happy reunion he might have been hoping for. As subtle as the Patriots have been this season, it was shocking to see just how cruel their means can be. Not only was Jason’s brutality tough to stomach, but his verbal abuse was just as cruel. Tom remains one of the show’s best characters, so seeing him forced to capture and beat his son was particularly gripping.

What did you think of this week’s episode? Do you think Monroe is gone for good? Let me know in the comments!