Person of Interest Season 3 Review “Mors Praematura”

Mors Praematura

Last night’s Person of Interest was a solid episode that brought back Root and inched forward the HR and government conspiracy stories. The person of interest was the foster brother of a presumed dead computer hacker. The machine, though, knew that the hacker was not dead and guided Root to him. As we saw at the end of last week, Root wasn’t going to be able to fulfill her mission alone.

It doesn’t take long for Finch and Reese to discover that Shaw is missing. As Finch notes, Shaw is many things, but never late. Reese is tasked with tracking her and Root down, while Finch focuses on the person of interest. One thing I liked about this storyline was that even when it looked like Shaw was working with Root, Finch and Reese didn’t really think that she had somehow switched sides. This shows that they do have faith and trust in her. I was glad to see that Shaw was able to get some payback at the end for being shocked by Root.

The person of interest story was a bit more complicated. Finch gets a job assisting Timothy Sloan in weeding through deceased individual’s things in order to find proof of a next of kin. While working together, Sloan reveals that he recently lost his foster brother. Finch decides to help him figure out what happened to the brother. Low and behold, it turns out the brother was a computer hacker who managed to get on the bad sides of his computer hacking brethren and the U.S. government. Oh, and it also turns out he isn’t really dead. Though a little convoluted at times, the intersection between Finch and Root’s work turns out well. The computer hacker is the same person that Root enlists Shaw to help save. This storyline also brings into play the government conspiracy and the shadowy group of computer hackers, Vigilance. I would like to see more development of this story. It seems to me moving slowly in piecemeal fashion.

The main purpose of the story seems to be twofold: to bring us back to the larger picture conspiracy regarding privacy/technology (and by implication, control of the machine’s technology) and the possible end game for Root. The best scene relates to the latter. At the end of the episode, Root is once again behind bars, though this time in a location secured by Finch. She is convinced that the machine will be mad at Finch for locking her up. But, Finch suggests that she is perhaps exactly where the machine wants her to be. Now, someone can correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t believe that Root knows that the machine also contacted Finch after the reset. This realization will seriously challenge all of the notions she has built up about her role carrying out the machine’s will. It may even turn her against the machine, which would be a more interesting development. Root suggests that Finch imagine what the machine will be like if “she’s” angry, but Finch may want to consider what Root will be like when she’s angry.

Meanwhile, Carter is still on the trail of HR. She learns that her rookie partner, Laskey, is actually Russian and not the only Russian HR has inside the force. This insider relationship allows HR to maintain a connection with the Russian gangsters. After Laskey is forced to bury a friend who falls victim to HR, he is more interested in helping Carter with her mission. I am hoping that by the midseason break, we have some resolution with HR. I’d like to get Carter back into her role as detective with Fusco.

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