NCIS Season 11 Review “Oil & Water” – Borin Returns and Reveals More of Her Past

Oil and Water

In this episode of NCIS, “Oil & Water,” the team ends up on a case that crosses into Coast Guard territory that brings back Agent Borin. Meanwhile, a prankster has some fun with everyone.

Another week after Ziva’s departure and another guest star to temporarily fill the hole in the team. This time it was Agent Borin and her appearance has now become my favorite of the rotating people they’ve had so far. All of them have been fun in their own way, but I’ve always had a special place in my heart for Borin. In fact, I thought that she might make a good permanent addition to the team and considered her as one of the people I would easily accept to fill Ziva’s desk should the writers have decided to go that way.

The writers of course didn’t go that way, but I still enjoyed her visit. Since everyone knew her and (especially in Abby’s case) basically welcomed her with open arms, it was like seeing some version of the old team back together again. I also liked that we got to know a little more about her this time and was heartbroken to find out about the man she lost in the close call she told Gibbs about. Gibbs inviting her to be on the team made perfect sense, but I understood her reasons for turning it down… for now.

Speaking of Gibbs, how awesome was it that he turned out to be the one playing pranks on everyone? I suspected him right off the bat – as soon as he ratted on Tony to McGee. I thought it was great that Borin figured out it was him based on the types of pranks he was pulling. Gibbs is one clever bird and I think that he did played with his team as a way to keep their mind’s (especially Tony’s) off of their recent loss of a team mate. Either that or he’s just decided to have more fun with his life. Either way, I approve.

My favorite bits:

Abby admiring the pranksters skills with the plastic. until she saw the look on McGee’s face.

Finding out that someone moved Abby’s work space just three inches and it was enough to make her crazy. That is so how I would react, too.

“We’re dealing with a sadistic, evil genius.”
“You got half that equation right.”

Tony guessing who might be causing all the pranks. My favorite was Mike Franks.

Gibbs ratting Tony out and telling McGee that Tony was at the office when he left. Okay, I’m totally starting to suspect him now. Is that weird?

“Pulling one over on Gibbs. That would be a feat for the ages.”
“What, do you have a death wish?” McGee

Ducky explaining Halloween to the corpse. Somehow that was extremely appropriate.

Guessing that the beeping Ducky heard was someone’s prank.

“I believe there is mischief afoot.”

McGee walking in to find a giant spider on fire. Again, completely appropriately.

McGee pointing out that he didn’t like it when Tony touched his stuff either, but he would just use bleach.

“Abby are you sure you didn’t ingest any of that sage?”

“I’m sorry, McGeek, you’ve been dethroned. All hail the queen.”

Borin admitting the truth about her close call.

Abby giving the other Abby a big hug. Aw.

“Oh! That’s a lot of affection for some caffeine.” – Clearly, Borin needs to get to know Abby better.

“I got an uneasy feeling, McGee.”
“I told you not to order Chinese from a Mexican restaurant.”

“You’re a special lady, Borin. I can’t wait to meet the peg-legged gentleman who woos you.” – Who else thought of Gibbs when he said that? No? Just me? Okay, moving on.

Tony’s complaining moan as their guy took off running.

“South paw?”
“I swung both ways.”

Borin tearing Lenny down as she described the “fun” of an explosion. Whoa. The look on Tony’s face when Gibbs came in to stop her matched the look on mine.

Gibbs walking in on McGee and the new SECNAV getting all friendly.

The new SECNAV telling Gibbs he could run his team the way he saw fit. Wow, I didn’t see that coming. Way to go!

Borin telling Gibbs about losing Liam in that blast.

“What do you got?”
“We have a problem.”
“Worse than DiNozzo’s crabs?”- Haha! Another fine zinger from Gibbs.

“Gabs! Gabs! Gabs! Gabs! Gabs!”

Gibbs knowing that Abby wasn’t done yet. He does indeed know her so well.

Aha! I knew the beeping was a prank.

Ducky threatening Tony with revenge for the prank.

The prat fall Tony took after trying to pick up the weighed-down gear pack.

See? Even Borin knows it was Gibbs. I knew it!

Gibbs asking Borin if she’d ever though of making another change. Aw, I personally think she’d be a great addition to the team.

“Say I wanted to make a change in the near future.”
“I’m not going anywhere.”

“Semper paratus, Borin.”

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