American Horror Story: Coven Season 3 Review “Fearful Pranks Ensue”

In the first part of the Halloween-themed episode of “American Horror Story: Coven,” which features the genuinely terrible title “Fearful Pranks Ensue,” we essentially picked up right where we left off, after a brief prologue involving a woman named Cora that worked for Marie Laveau way back in 1961, whose child was lynched for unspecified reasons by a bunch of crazy rednecks. Not that there could possibly be a good one, mind you, but we never really got the specifics.

Whatever the case, the scene was mostly a set-up to show what Laveau was capable of, and to show that she was still in touch with Cora, who’s now a customer instead of an employee. As it turns out, Laveau can raise the dead, and not only that, but make them into bloodthirsty, ravenous, vengeful zombies like something straight out of a Lucio Fulci flick. Hey, witches may be all the rage, but no doubt the people behind the show know that there’s gold in them thar zombies. So, tonight was more “AMC” than “AHS” if you will.

And being as the zombie fun had just begun in the present at the end of the episode, I expect we’ll pick right back up with more living dead goodness next week. Did you notice that the three zombies that showed up at the Academy’s front door were Madame LaLaurie’s late kids? They did not look happy to see dear old mom.

We also got the aftermath of Fiona’s actions, which was a visit from members of the council, played by a returning Frances Conroy as Fiona’s longtime arch nemesis, Myrtle Snow; guest star Leslie Jordan as the Truman Capote-esque Quentin; and secretary-type Pembroke. It seems Nan blew the whistle on Madison’s disappearance, and the council was there to investigate.

Unfortunately for Myrtle, who was out for blood, it seems that Fiona has Spalding (Dennis O’Hare) in her corner, who, as it turns out, cut his own tongue out after he found out Myrtle had bewitched him to tell the truth the last time Fiona was accused of killing a witch. This time, she beckoned him to write down the culprit, and it’s safe to say Myrtle did not get the answer she hoped for, as it was her own name. Oops! I guess Spalding’s as good as his word in staying on Team Fiona.

Meanwhile, Queenie is still reeling from the Minotaur Bastient’s assault, but they don’t have to worry about him anymore, as Fiona decapitated the thing and sent the head along to Laveau, which is what set off Zombie Apocalypse 2.0. Joining the walking dead is Kyle, who is on the loose after killing his depraved mother. In the not-so-living dead corner is Madison, who is attending the ickiest tea party imaginable. That Spalding is mighty twisted, and nothing spells creepy like a roomful of old-school dolls staring with their dead eyes as Spalding pours a spot of tea for poor, dead Madison and company, while dressed in a bonnet and female nightclothes. Freaky!

We also got the return of another “AHS”-vet, Alexandra Breckenridge as Kaylee, who didn’t last long as she had a fling with Delia’s husband Hank and was promptly executed, mob-style, with one to the head. You might recall Breckenridge as the sexy maid in the show’s first season- the one who changed back-and-forth between her and the aforementioned Mrs. Conroy.

Last but not least, we found out that Madison wasn’t even the would-be Supreme in the first place, so Fiona’s dispatching of her was a bit premature, to say the least. For shame! I miss her already, but given that they resurrected Kyle, maybe she’ll be back, too. One thing that may not be back is Delia’s eyesight after someone clad in black doused them with who-knows-what. That’s a shame, considering she was one of the only truly likable characters on the show, though my loyal readers know I like the bad ones just fine, too.

So, a pretty decent episode all around. Looking forward to seeing what kind of damage the zombies do, and whether or not Myrtle gets the burned-at-the-stake treatment. And if Madison gets resurrected eventually. Hey, she’s dead, too, so maybe Laveau’s resurrection spell will bring her back as well! Spalding better watch himself.

What did you think of the latest episode of “American Horror Story: Coven”? Happy they threw zombies into the mix? What did you think of the council? Or the flashbacks? Think Delia was blinded in the attack? Will she discover the truth about her husband? Who is the actual Supreme, and will Fiona kill her, too? Sound off on this and more in the comments section, and if you know who does that tune that played over Hank’s infidelity scene, let me know, because it was crazy awesome. See you next week!