The Originals Season 1 Review “Sinners & Saints”

Go figure. Who would have thought someone would manage to out-Klaus at his own game? Actually, several people did, if you think about it. On the latest “The Originals,” we discovered that there were more than a few “Sinners & Saints” running around New Orleans, and not all of them were all they seemed. Some, in fact, were a little of both.

For one, we learned that Sophie was running a long con that involved playing Klaus right into a war with Marcel, when all she really wanted was to track down Davina and finish what her fellow witches started: a ritual known as the “Harvest,” which would re-up all of the witches’ powers for another few centuries. The catch? Four witches had to die in the process, one of them Davina- who, as we know, is still very much alive, which means the ritual remains unfinished.

In saving Davina, Marcel stopped the process, but unbeknownst to those involved, with each witch sacrificed, the remainder of the group grew stronger, which is why Davina, the lone survivor of the four, is so strong. And Davina is none too happy that her friends were killed, and what’s more, that none of them actually knew what was actually up, which is to say that they were going to be killed in the first place. Hence her joining forces with Marcel to combat her own kind, which explains a lot.

The thing is, Sophie’s niece was among those killed, and if the lore is to be believed, then if Davina is killed, then the ritual is complete and the power will be restored, along with the lives of those sacrificed. So, in order to make that happen, Sophie joined forces with Jane-Anne, who purposely gave her life in order to sell the whole battle between the vampires and the witches thing.

In fact, Marcel and Sophie were actually a romantic thing before the war began, and it was her that put Marcel on the witches in the first place, in order to save her niece, which obviously didn’t happen. But when she realized the ritual was real and that her niece could still be saved…well, the only course of action was to find out Davina’s location so the witches could finish the job and her niece could be reborn, assuming the ritual actually works.

So, it’s actually not only Sophie’s fault that Marcel attacked the witches’ ceremony in the first place, it’s also her fault that the witches and vampires are at such odds. Meanwhile, Marcel has no idea that Sophie is behind the latter- or what will happen if she finds Davina- but I can’t imagine he’ll be thrilled when he finds out.

Considering all the information we got in such a short span of time, this was very well put together. I really like the way “The Originals” tends to tell us what’s really going on through multiple viewpoints, where only certain characters get the skinny on what’s happening, while others get left out of the loop, only getting part of the story. This, of course, can lead to characters acting rash since they don’t have all the information, which is exactly what happened between Marcel and Klaus, who played right into Sophie’s diabolical plans.

Thankfully, Elijah is back to set everyone straight, and just in time, as things were on a collision course to get worse before they got better, to be sure. As if all that weren’t enough, we also discovered that Sabine caused the altar boy/seminary student massacre, as a distraction to Father Kieran, which worked only too well. Oh, and his twin sister? None other than Cami, who the good Father asks Marcel to stay away from. Awkward!

Of course, if Marcel (and Klaus, for that matter) can just keep Davina alive until this “Reaping” thing, the witches will lose their powers anyway, and will no longer be a problem, period. Also, if Elijah stays true to his word- and there’s no reason to think otherwise, he can help Davina learn to control her powers and she won’t be as keen to lose them, not to mention she can help defeat those that would try and destroy the vampires.

Needless to say, a lot to keep straight, but also great in that it not only sheds light on things that were a bit murky until now, but that it makes things that have happened so far make perfect sense. I also love that each episode brings new information and that they aren’t stingy with doling it out in a reasonably steady way. Clearly, a lot of thought was put into all of this, and in hindsight, the planning was first-rate and really clever. This bodes well for the rest of the season, which I can only assume was equally well-thought-out.

What did you think of the latest “The Originals”? Do you like the direction things seem to be headed in? Do you think that Klaus and Marcel will be able to put aside their differences and work towards a common goal? Will Davina continue to side against the witches, or will she willingly sacrifice herself to aid in bringing back those who died? Will that even work in the first place? Can Elijah really manage to broker peace amongst…well, everybody, when you get down to it? That seems like a pretty tall order, especially given Klaus’ vindictive streak and Marcel’s determination to continue to rule the roost that is New Orleans. I guess we shall see.

Let me know what you think in the comments section, and see you next week!