Hart of Dixie Season 3 Review “Help Me Make It Through the Night”

Help Me Make it Through the Night

The fourth episode of Hart of Dixie’s third season was Anna Beth-centric, and that’s a very good thing indeed. We knew that we’d be getting more of her because of the actress’ promotion to regular cast member, and her storyline this week didn’t disappoint. We know what series we’re watching, and that Anna Beth wasn’t really at risk of becoming infertile (or worse), but her emotional reaction was still gut wrenching to watch.

It’s her and Lavon’s one year anniversary and, with Linley out of town (hurray!), they decide to celebrate with a romantic dinner and an evening Anna Beth would “never forget”. This being Bluebell and the pair having dated for an adequate amount of time, suspicions instantly turn to a marriage proposal. During a routine check, however, Zoe finds a growth on Anna Beth’s ovary, and she instantly wants to put off the ‘proposal’ until after she finds out the results. Little do they know, however, that Lavon’s surprise was nothing to do with marriage, and was instead just to show Anna Beth her first horror movie.

This was a Halloween episode, after all, so there had to be some reference to the time of year. Zoe and Joel’s Anthony and Cleopatra costumes were pretty adorable, and only made their invasion into Lavon’s anniversary dinner all the more awkward. Good on Zoe for being a friend to Anna Beth, but I hope Lavon and Joel’s relationship isn’t ruined forever. He’s not having trouble making friends, as such, but his choice in road trip buddy isn’t to Zoe’s taste. Your ex-boyfriends should never be friends with your current partner but, then again, there’s a limited choice of guys for Joel to hang out with in Bluebell.

Lemon, meanwhile, was having an unexpectedly good night at the invite-only masquerade ball. She had been set up with yet another eligible bachelor – Tanner Hughes – by her overbearing grandmother, but soon ditched the “insufferable tool” and hooked up with someone else entirely. Who knows if Peter can meet Lemon’s sky high standards, but at least she got to have the best one night stand of her life. For most Hart of Dixie fans, Lemon is the character who deserves happiness the most, and this romantic encounter was, as she said herself, exactly what she needed.

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