Witches of East End Season 1 Review “A Few Good Talismen”

Witches of East End Season 1 Episode 4 A Few Good Talismen 10

Adam! He was so nice and, as is the rules for a show like Witches of East End – reliant on it’s heroine’s aloneness – he had to die. Poor Ingrid thought she was in the clear after rejecting his affections and seeing her friend taken to hospital, but fate had other plans. The consequence of the resurrection spell has come into affect, and it looks as though Adam is no more.

I wonder how Ingrid will react to her role in this, as it has to change her. Her being worried and paranoid seemed to fit with the version of the character we met in the pilot, but a grief-stricken Ingrid is another matter entirely. The fact that the spell didn’t even need to be cast to bring Wendy back has to sting, too, and it may take a while before she can fully commit to her new identity as a witch. Is this the last of the love interests, aside from Freya’s many suitors?

Speaking of Freya, her plan this week was to bring Killian and Dash together as a family again, possibly so she could remind herself that they were, in fact, brothers and she shouldn’t be messing around with them. I’m glad Freya had one week off being utterly stupid, as she has been since the moment she dreamt about Killian, as I really want to like her character. That might be impossible while she’s failing to resist her urges, but we all know her secret has to come out before the season over. Hopefully that’s before the lavish wedding.

Joanna has finally uncovered the identity of the shifter, and we’re treated to a pretty bleak flashback that shows Freya and Ingrid post-burnt at the stake. It had something to do with the enemy and, even though Joanna was pretty pissed, she stopped at burning his ear. These are witches that don’t kill people, apparently. Wendy was the only family member who had a nice time, come to think of it, as she got busy hooking up with Freddie Prince Jr. Is he evil? He’s male, so, probably.

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