The Walking Dead Season 4 Review “Isolation”

The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 3 Isolation (1)

The Walking Dead returned tonight with another solid episode, as the survivors are still trying to figure out exactly what’s going on with this aggressive new disease, and the (possible) identity of Karen and David’s killer is already revealed! While “Isolation” did feel more like a bridge episode, with most of these situations being hopefully resolved in the next installment, it was still pretty entertaining and fulfilling in it’s own right.

The episode kicked off with a scene that I’ve been waiting to see ever since Tyreese was introduced, as he and Rick got into an intense fistfight after Karen and David are found dead. Tyreese and Rick had a very combative relationship in the comics from the moment they met, one that resulted in a climactic fight much like this one, but their relationship quickly evolved into something very powerful and one of the best friendships in the series. While I was pretty excited to finally see this fistfight play out on screen, I feel like the build up was definitely lacking. Tyreese and Rick have barely shared any screen time together, with the majority of their interactions being in the last season when Rick was going a little crazy. I’m hoping that their relationship can get a little more interesting from this point on, as it really is something special in the books.

The rampant “Zombieitis” is still making it’s way through the prison, as both Sasha and new character Dr. S both become sick. I really hope they figure out a way to prevent this sickness soon, or at least find out how to cure it, because it’s really coming off as a pretty contrived story device at this point. It seems more than a little convenient that everybody except the main group has come down with this mysterious sickness. Sure, it’s a little concerning that Glenn has the sickness as well, but you know that he’s not in any real danger of dying. At this point it just seems like a nice clean way to kill off a bunch of the red shirts from Woodbury, while artificially putting some characters that we know in danger. I don’t even think that Sasha is in any real danger here, since having Tyreese lose Sasha and Karen back-to-back would be a little too much. I’d be happy to be surprised next week, if Sasha or Glenn actually bite the bullet, but I doubt it’ll happen.

Beth and Maggie shared some rare scenes together, as Beth tried to comfort her big sister about Glenn becoming sick. However, she of course tried to comfort her in a typical Beth fashion, by telling her that “We don’t get to get upset” and that “We all got jobs to do”. Emily Kinney is doing a great job playing Beth, who is clearly not buying into her own tough girl persona, and could barely hold it together towards the end of her final scene. When Sean died a couple weeks ago I was pretty surprised how little she reacted, so I was glad to see that she definitely still has some emotions deep inside, even though she’s doing everything in her power to hide them.

The other member of the Greene family was also acting a little strange, as he insisted on entering the quarantine zone to administer his all natural tea to the sick. We also got a completely out-of-nowhere reminder of Hershel being an alcoholic, which was just a bit too much for me. We already have Bob struggling with his alcoholism, so I don’t know if I’d be down for two of these played-out storylines. I’m hoping this is just a red herring, or that Hershel’s little romp in the woods with Carl was able to clear up his head a little bit.

The requisite action scene of the episode involved Daryl, Michonne, Bob, and Tyreese all attempting to get some antibiotics from a “nearby” vet center. 50 miles certainly seems like a long way to travel in the Walking Dead world, but I’m glad that they’ve stopped pretending like they could still get supplies from nearby stores or pharmacies. Judging by the scenes for next week, it looks like they somehow make their way to this vet center, so that should be pretty exciting. Would it be possible to see some zombie dogs and cats? Please?!

The big revelation of the episode was that Carol was actually the one that killed David and Karen. I was very surprised to find out that Carol did it, but I was even more surprised that hey dispensed with that particular mystery so quickly. There’s still the outside possibility that she only admitted to doing it in order to cover for someone else, but I doubt it. She seemed pretty freaked out when Tyreese snuck up behind her, so it looks like she may have been frightened that he’d figured out the truth. However, what were we supposed to get from Rick seeing the bloody hand print on the door?

That still leaves the mystery of who was feeding the rats to the walkers at the gate, as I can’t imagine that Carol would have any good reason for doing that. If the only act to be accounted for is the feeding of the rats, then it does seem pretty likely that it’s just one of the kids innocently trying to feed the walkers that they’ve named. I’m not quite sure how much I really care about who fed the walkers, though, since the mystery of who killed and burned Karen and David was a much more interesting question.

Even though they solved this particular Whodunit a little too fast for me, there’s still plenty of cliffhangers to keep me excited for next week’s episode. Can’t wait!

Random Thoughts:

– Did anybody notice that they upgraded the green Hyundai Sonata for a fancy new Dodge? Looks like we won’t be seeing that car again, though.

– It sure looked like Bob wasn’t aiming anywhere near that first walker’s head when he shot him.

– The zombie kill of the week goes to the poor guy who got ground into goop by the tire of the Dodge. Really gruesome stuff.