Haven Season 4 Review “Lay Me Down”

Haven Season 4 Episode 7 Lay Me Down (1)

Let’s see. How can I describe this week’s episode of Haven? I guess the only words I have are: best episode ever! Everything we could have wanted was delivered with a shiny red bow. Haven’s writers really outdid themselves. They delivered a tight story that was a perfect balance of tragedy and comedy. I usually have something in a show to nitpick, but I can’t think of a single thing this week.

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Dream On.

Our troubled person this week was a newspaper delivery woman (BSG’s Kandyse McClure) who was inadvertently transferring her Freddy Kruger-like trouble to others in the town. Everyone was afraid to fall asleep because when they did, any physical harm they suffered in their dream manifested in the real world. For Duke, this involved a knife wound from a confrontation with Wade. Dwight’s dream gave him a bullet in the chest.

Nathan’s dream…well, Nathan’s dream. It was straight out of a Van Halen video. Cheekbones found himself naked in a class room, unprepared for an exam. The teacher, none other than Audrey, had no choice but to discipline him. It was a delightfully uncomfortable scene because we saw a whole lot more of Nathan than we usually do. We also got an insight into what goes on in his head. And it’s awesome. It was hysterical when Nathan woke up from Audrey pounding on the door and needed “a few minutes” before he could get up and open it. This is a more risqué humor than we’ve gotten on Haven (still tame by comparison to many other shows), and it was perfect. It made Nathan and Audrey feel more real somehow.

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Brotherly Love.

Duke’s dream about his brother tapped into Duke’s subconscious fears that Wade was going down a dark path. After some sleuthing, Duke figured out that Wade had killed Jordan and several other members of The Guard. The scene where Duke found Wade’s dumping ground was an effective mix of horror and creepiness. It was even more emotional to see Jordan’s gloved hands beneath the water than it would have been to just see her body in an alley. It also confirmed that Wade had been very busy in a short amount of time.

Duke made the dubious decision to hide Wade’s psychotic activities after Wade threatened to expose Audrey. I thought Duke should have just let Wade tell people whatever he wanted. Who would believe him? Instead, Duke knocked Wade unconscious and locked him up in the boat. Unwittingly, Jennifer came along later and released Wade. He immediately went for her blood. Like some kind of vampire, Wade sucked on Jennifer’s neck blood and then decided to stab her. Of course, Duke didn’t let that happen. What followed was the true tragedy of the episode. Duke had to kill his own brother.

I was surprised that Wade already made his exit. I thought he would stick around for more of the season and cause some problems for the town. However, with the appearance of the creepy duo from the barn, perhaps there wasn’t room for so many villains. Duke will have to deal with the consequences of his action. He’s already traumatized by the act itself, but then he discovers that his trouble disappeared when Wade died. This was an interesting development. The loss of his trouble is like a loss of power and will likely make him question his role in the group. We had a long time before Duke discovered his trouble, so I think the transition back to that state won’t be that bad. Right?

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Soul Mates.

It’s been a long, long time coming, but we finally got to see Audrey and Nathan come together. By this point, they’ve both admitted that they love each other, but there was something holding Audrey back. When confronted, she revealed her insecurity about whether Nathan can love all of her. She also showed that she’s jealous of Nathan’s previous liaison with Sarah. In a last ditch effort to shove her feelings aside, Audrey told Nathan that, despite their feelings, they will only ever be work colleagues. Nathan stormed out, and I was worried that we were being sent back to Nathan/Audrey ground zero. I have never been so happy to be wrong. Nathan didn’t give up and went back to Audrey. After hearing him reassure her of his love, Audrey’s walls fell down. It was romantic, sweet, and perfect.

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The Future.

We got a glimpse into the future of Haven. The barn creeps have some kind of plot and are marking troubled people with a mystical hand print that only Audrey can see. I have a feeling that where this twosome goes, William can’t be far behind. We also saw that Jennifer probably has an even larger place in the town’s mythology. Her mysterious birth parents and connection to the barn are big clues that she is important somehow.

This truly was one of the show’s best episodes. I’ve mentioned in other reviews that my favorite tv show is Buffy the Vampire Slayer: the perfect Joss Whedon mix of drama, comedy, horror, and romance. As I watched this week’s Haven, all I could think was that this episode was Buffy-level good. I don’t think I’ve thought that of another show (BSG was epic in its own special way). It’s time this show got more recognition for the talent of its actors and writers.

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