Parenthood Season Season 5 “Let’s Be Mad Together” Review

Parenthood Season 5 Episode 5 Let's Be Mad Together (1)
Max is one of my favorite characters on Parenthood, so I’m always happy to see him front and center with his own storyline from time to time. Last year, it was bringing back the soda machines. This year, it’s about photography and a candid picture of a girl crying over losing her dog. It turns out that Max has a talent for photography, but not the kind of posed imagery used in a school yearbook. As hard as it was to watch Max being transitioned to layout work, it was great to see Kristina as mom and not aspiring mayoral candidate. I also loved that Hank rallied for his pupil. I actually quite prefer Hank and Max scenes over Hank and Sarah.

Adam moved forward with his plan to expand the Luncheonette into a production company. As expected, the expansion led to conflict with Crosby. The conflict between Crosby and Adam actually helps the pair bring out the best the pair. I like watching their healthy rivalry, as neither of them wants to let the other down.

The Joel/Julia/Camille/Zeek parallels were interesting to watch this week. Joel and Julia are still struggling to communicate with each other, so it was no surprise that Julia’s attempt to offer pointers on working with Peet did not go over well. Joel might want to take his wife’s advice, as the conversation with Peet about boundaries was a disaster. Joel decided to drink away his stress, while Julia bonded with her mother as Camille lamented losing her voice in her marriage. Understanding her mother’s frustrations, Julia did a pretty good job at sharing Camille’s perspective with Zeek.

Thanks to a building emergency, things took a positive turn for Amber and Ryan this week. Ryan got a better sense of what it means to marry in to the Braverman family. The family may have their disagreements, but they are very close knit. Ryan witnessed this firsthand as he realized how much Amber shared with Sarah about his struggles with PTSD. It was encouraging to see Ryan open up to Amber about how it made him feel that she shared so much with her mother. I also thought he did a pretty good job at handling Sarah as well. Maybe things are looking up for this couple!

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