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White Collar Season 5 Episode 2 Out of the Frying Pan (7)

In this episode of White Collar, called “Out of the Frying Pan,” Neal meets his new handler and has to juggle keeping secrets from both, while Mozzie says goodbye to someone important and Diana says hello to someone equally important.

Was it just me, or did it feel like a whole lot of stuff happened in this episode? There were at least three major plot points that could have easily warranted episodes of their own and yet all of them happened in this one. It makes me wonder how much is in store for the rest of the season.

Bye, Bye Teddy

I don’t I can express just how truly shocked I was to find out Mozzie’s true identity. I had it in my head that that secret was going to continue through the end of the series. I thought the only way we’d learn which of the names in his myriad of aliases was real would be in a finale-type situation. But in this episode we got introduced to Teddy Winters… er, I mean Theodore. As surprised as I was that it was revealed, I did think that the information came at a great time and I loved that his reason for keeping that name all these years was so that maybe, just maybe, his parents might find him. Oh, Mozzie, I just want to hug you now.

Hello, Agent Siegel

Ever since he appeared in last summer’s sadly short-lived Common Law, I’ve been a huge fan of Warren Kole and was giddy as a schoolgirl to hear that he would be on the show. I thought it was awesome how Siegel wasn’t quite as clueless as Neal thought he was, but that Neal still managed to pull the wool over his eyes. Their relationship was similar to Neal and Peter’s, but there was no doubt that when it came to having Neal-dar, Peter won hands down. When Peter tracked Neal to the file room, I thought for sure he was going to find him, but thankfully we avoided that confrontation. The fallout from Peter finding out Neal’s deal with Hagen is going to be epic, but I’m sure we still have a little while before that happens.

Hello, Theo

Finally, there was the birth of Diana’s baby. Mozzie having to choose between his freedom and abandoning Diana was perfect. Once she went into labor and it was obvious he was going to deliver the baby, I knew that he would go free. But what’s interesting about that situation now is that Diana is in on one massive secret. Even she doesn’t realize how big it is, as she assumed that Teddy Winters was just any criminal. I don’t think she realizes just what that name means to him. Now Diana, Neal and Mozzie have a secret together, but I got the distinct impression that Peter had pretty much figured it out.

Like I said in the beginning of this review, with everything that happened in this episode I have to wonder how much more will be packed into the rest of this season. I have a very bad feeling about next week’s episode but I’m afraid to even write it down for fear that it will make my suspicions come true.

My favorite bits.

Dancing Neal.

“Shouldn’t your coffee mug say ‘World’s Greatest ASAC’ now?”

Neal pointing out that he wasn’t really late, because they always spent the first half-hour hanging out and drinking coffee.

“Caffrey, have you seen my stomach?”
“Pretty sure that’s a trick question.”

Neal spotting right away who his new handler was.

Peter discovering that Siegel had been playing Neal. Oooh, smooth.

Elle telling Peter to check in with Neal.

Neal saying that Siegel reminded him of one of the Von Trapp family.

“I may have a new title but I’m still the same old me.”
“Me, too.”
“Maybe I should be following you.”

Diana multi-geeking. Nice.

The looks that passed between Neal and Peter as they tried to figure out who would be helping Diana.

“Look, they have Faberge eggs.”
“You know me so well.”

“I knew when those pencil necks at UCLA invented the internet, that I would end up like a trapped rat.”

Kind of agreeing with Neal – I sort of wanted to know how Mozzie’s teeth ended up in a bottle, but also didn’t really want to know.

Mozzie using opera to stage his escape. Leave it to Mozz.

Peter immediately jumping to the conclusion that Neal and Siegel had run into Mozzie.

Neal pulling off a fantastic bait-and-switch with the sketches.

Neal deciding that he was definitely not bored when he saw Diana beating up her laptop.

Mozzie as the Statue of Liberty.

Finding out that Mozzie is Teddy Winters. WHOA!!!

Mozzie admitting that he kept the Teddy name alive in case his parents ever came looking for him.

Cracking up at the sight of the mechanical monkey typing on the computer. That was awesome.

Diana getting suspicious about the manhole covers.

Wondering what in the world Diana was doing climbing down that ladder. I mean, really??

“This isn’t what it looks like.”
“It looks like you’re Teddy Winters.”
“And if I am?”
“Then you’re under arrest.”
“Then I’m definitely not.”

Mozzie screaming at Diana that the “thing” was coming out of her whether she liked it or not.

Peter informing Siegel that Neal was always smiling when things were going backwards.

Finding out that Siegel had to send his old C.I. back to prison.

Neal doing his special avoid-the-camera-dance, and adding a bow at the end.

The fact that the song kept playing as Diana delivered her baby, Neal did his work, and Peter went on the hunt for Neal.

Neal sneaking down the hallway as Peter was looking for him in the storage unit. I just love how Peter always has a sixth sense about Neal.

The look on Neal’s face when he saw Mozzie, Diana and the baby.

“I’m a dad!”
“Not even close.”
“I’m a midwife!”

“Look at him, he has little ears.”
“What exactly were you expecting, suit?”

Diana choosing to call her baby Theo. Aw.

What did you think of this episode of White Collar? Sound off in the comments below, I love hearing from you guys!

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