The Tomorrow People Season 1 Review “Girl Interrupted”

When I was a kid, I used to think it would be cool if I could read other people’s minds. However, the older I got, the more I realized how awful it would be if I could hear other people’s thoughts. Or if they could hear mine. I am grateful every day that thought bubbles don’t appear above my head. Some things should always remain private. In tonight’s episode of The Tomorrow People, Stephen found out first hand what a burden it can be to know what other people are thinking. He also found out that being a double agent isn’t exactly all it’s cracked up to be. And some of the mystery surrounding Cara’s past was revealed.

This episode seemed designed primarily to give us some more backstory on Cara. The night she broke out, she was almost sexually assaulted. She was able to get away by telekinetically pushing her attacker away, but he died as a result of her push. Because of who the attacker’s father was, Cara’s father didn’t think anyone would believe her, so he gave her some money and told her to go on the run. That was five years ago, and Cara has been on the run ever since. It wasn’t just that Cara’s father sent her away though. It was that she heard his thoughts when he did, and he thought it would be better for them if Cara was gone. The primary problem with reading people’s thoughts is that you only get bits and pieces of what they’re actually thinking. You don’t get a full picture and you make assumptions based upon the bits of information you overheard in their minds. Who’s to say that what you heard wasn’t the tail end of a train of thought? Or what if that was just a fleeting thought they had and then changed their minds? Hearing people’s thoughts without any real context causes a lot of misinterpretations and causes people to jump to the wrong conclusions. So maybe Cara’s dad had the thought that things would be better if she wasn’t around. But maybe he thought it would be better for her. How does she know he meant that he would be happier if she were gone?

Stephen also discovered the hard way that Jedikiah has ice water in his veins and a black hole where his heart is supposed to be. Stephen overheard the thoughts of one of his classmates who had decided to commit suicide. The girl was wracked with guilt over the fact that she was driving the car in the accident that killed her little sister. Stephen went to Jedikiah to ask him how they could help the girl, and Jed basically told him to let the girl die so that the world didn’t find out about the tomorrow people. Jed’s logic was flawed at best, but the coldness and detachment with which he told Stephen to let the girl die was just chilling.

Stephen also seems to be trying to bridge the gap between tomorrow people and humans. Stephen wants to believe that there is a way that humans and tomorrow people can coexist. He wants to believe that the tomorrow people were given these abilities so they can help people. He tried to make the argument to John and Cara that they needed to try to use their abilities for good. John and Cara countered by telling him that the risk of exposure was too great and basically that the humans don’t care about us so why should we care about them. Stephen decided that he was going to help his classmate because it was the right thing to do, and perhaps because she felt she owed him for saving her life, Cara decided to go with him. Cara was able to talk the girl off the ledge, but I think that conversation was more about Cara working through her issues than it was about the girl. Either way, at least the girl’s life was saved. I find it awfully interesting, though, that Stephen was so gung ho about tomorrow people being here to help people but he didn’t want to fess up to Astrid about what he is. Astrid was at the train tracks and she saw Stephen teleport. She knows that he’s not being honest with her, and she gave him a chance to explain himself. He chose not to. Why? Astrid is his friend. She’s been there for him when no one else was. It’s obvious that he can trust her, so what held him back? Could it be that deep down Stephen really is afraid that she’ll call him a freak and run away if she finds out what he is?

Something else interesting this episode pointed out is just how similar in thinking the tomorrow people and Ultra are. The tomorrow people are just as prejudiced and hateful toward humans as the humans are prejudiced and hateful toward the tomorrow people. Neither group of people really understands the other and neither is willing to make the effort to understand. Jedikiah does what he does because he’s afraid of tomorrow people. He’s afraid that he’s no longer at the top of the food chain. He’s afraid of what it means for humanity that there are people out there with the kinds of abilities the tomorrow people possess. The tomorrow people do what they do because they are afraid of what will happen if people found out that they lived among us. The operative word from both camps is afraid. Both humans and tomorrow people are so fearful of each other, but neither of them will admit that. So they cloak their fear in words like “survival of our species.” The sad thing is, they’re so fearful of what the other group MIGHT do. They’re afraid of how the other group MIGHT react. It’s really a fear of the unknown that is driving both of these camps to try to destroy the other. Just as an aside, it’s rather fascinating that Jedikiah’s primary argument for exterminating tomorrow people is that they will kill the human race. Last I checked, tomorrow people can’t kill anyone. So what exactly is Jedikiah afraid of?

All in all, another solid outing. Stephen is still learning to navigate his new powers and his new position as double agent, but the kid has skills. His quick thinking did save Cara’s (and his) life. I get the sense that Jedikiah is hiding something. I mean, I’m sure he’s hiding a whole lot of somethings, but there’s some other reason he wants to keep Stephen close. And it doesn’t have anything to do with Stephen being his nephew. There’s something else going on there. I just haven’t figured out what it is yet. So what did y’all think of this week’s The Tomorrow People?

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