Awkward Season 3 Review “Surprise!”


As questionable as her actions are, at least Jenna’s finally trying to figure out what she wants from life – from her boyfriend especially. On the winter premiere of Awkward, ‘Surprise!’, Jenna spends the entire episode fretting about her dalliance with Colin and her seemingly perfect (from the outside, at least) relationship with Matty. Who should she choose? It’s about as obvious to us viewers as it is to Jenna, and we can already tell this second half of season three is going to be quite painful.

But I like bad, inhibition-free Jenna, and I’m thoroughly looking forward to seeing what happens once her life implodes. That’s going to happen as soon as next week, with her entire family, friendship circle and – most importantly, Matty see her sucking face with Colin just as she’d blown everyone off. It’s her birthday, and she’ll cry if she wants to. She definitely deserves whatever kind of emotional turmoil comes her way, not least because of the indifferent way she’s treated Matty since they got together at the beginning of the season.

Jenna is just like any immature seventeen year old girl who got what she always wanted – she’s not satisfied, she doesn’t quite know why, and she’s drawn instead to someone more mature and dangerous. It’s realistic, and that’s refreshing. It’s clear that she can’t articulate those feelings, even in voiceover or on her blog, so her only option is to give in to the raw attraction that’s existed between her and Colin since the moment they met. Will they now form a proper relationship? How hurt is Matty going to be?

The Jenna/Matty/Colin triangle was the main focus of the episode, but there was some light relief to be had from Ming’s reign of the Asian Mafia. With Becca in exile, Ming and her fabulous Hollywood hair are in charge, and hopefully we see a lot more of the character than we did last season. The jokes are incredibly racist but, if you haven’t been turned off before, then it’s unlikely to get any worse. I also enjoyed Tamara’s secret vomit, as well as Lacey’s inability to not ruin Jenna’s surprise party every year. It’s good to have you back, Awkward!

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