Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 1 Review “The Girl in the Flower Dress”

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D Episode 5 Girl In The Flower Dress (3)

In a perfect world I would love the opportunity to review Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD in a total vacuum. Without ever seeing ABC’s advertisements, without ever watching the “next time on” scenes, and without ever reading the comments that disappointed Marvel/Joss Whedon fans are making all over the internet. There was really no way for this show to ever live up to the lofty expectations that come with such a rich tapestry of characters to draw from in the Marvel Universe, as well as such a respected and revered television creator like Joss Whedon. So you get episodes like “The Girl in the Flower Dress”, which is clearly just an episode that is meant to be filler in the 22 episode season. Is it the worst thing ever? No. Tonight’s episode was yet another fun and exciting episode of television, with a few little morsels of overarching story development sprinkled in. Nothing groundbreaking, but it was a fun romp that inched our characters and the story forward a little bit more.

The “Freak-of-the-week” this time was a street performer in Hong Kong named Chan. It was pretty easy to anticipate that this mysterious Reina girl was up to no good, so before you know it she kidnaps the poor guy and sets him up in a laboratory. I felt like the evolution from lowly street performer Chan to powerful super villain “Scorch” was a bit too fast. He basically said “I have no interest in being a super hero? Wait, I’ll be remembered, you say? “Scorch” is really growing on me!” I would have honestly preferred that he never even pretended not to want to be a hero, like if he just jumped at the opportunity to become super powerful. Also, why was he blaming SHIELD for holding him back? They didn’t have access to this super serum he was taking, so what did he expect them to do?

Speaking of the super serum, this is the first time that we’ve seen the Centipede people show up since the pilot. We even got another appearance of Shannon Lucio as Debbie, although not for very long. We still don’t know who Debbie was working for, but it looks like Reina is our only surviving connection to Centipede. I’m interested to figure out who that mysterious guy in the prison was, and who or what the mysterious “Clairvoyant” might be. This show certainly isn’t skimping on the mystery, but they better start doling out some answers pretty soon.

As far as our team goes, Skye took another big step in her double agent life between The Rising Tide and SHIELD. After meeting up with old flame Miles Lydo, a hunky hacker dude in Texas, she’s quickly busted by May and her double life is brought to the light. I was liking the idea of her playing both sides in the first few episodes of the series, but it unfortunately looks like that’s over. Skye never really got to make a difficult decision between SHIELD and her affiliations with The Rising Tide. So far it’s always been pretty clear that SHIELD is in the right, and that The Rising Tide were the bad guys, so it’s made it all seem very black and white. I loved the idea of the Agents of SHIELD writers exploring the idea of SHIELD being somewhat of a shady organization. I mean, sure, they’re supposed to be the good guys and we’re supposed to root for them, but they don’t always make good decisions. It was pointed out just a couple weeks ago that they were largely responsible for the attack on New York in The Avengers, so they clearly don’t always make the most prudent decisions. I really wish we got to see Skye confront a real moral dilemma where even we as the viewers weren’t sure if she should go with SHIELD or stick with The Rising Tide.

I’m glad that they’ve at least given her a new sense of direction, what with trying to find out what happened to her parents and what SHIELD has to do with it. I hope to get a little more backstory or development from the other members of the team, as this is really starting to turn out like the Skye show.

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Random Thoughts:

– I cracked up seeing Tzi Ma as the Chinese SHIELD agent Quan Chen. I feel like he’s one of the three Chinese actors that plays these type of roles on every TV show.

Iron Man was on TV the other day, and I don’t think I’d seen it since it came out in 2008. I thought it was a neat piece of symmetry that Coulson not only used the same little door opener explosive tonight as he did in tha film, but he even stood and crossed his arms the same way as he waited for it to explode! Really nice touch!

– The scenes for next week make it look like Simmons might die, which would be a typical Whedon move. Do you guys think it’ll happen? Or was it just a misdirect?