Cinemax Releases ‘Strike Back: Origins’ Trailer Featuring The Walking Dead’s Andrew Lincoln

Strike Back‘s third season just came to a close and now Cinemax is flashing back to the series’ U.K. roots with Strike Back: Origins, a prequel featuring a pre-zombie fighting Andrew Lincoln (The Walking Dead) from 2010. An extensive behind-the-scenes trailer reveals more about Section 20’s beginnings and the agents who were fighting bad guys before Scott and Stonebridge arrived on the scene.

John Porter (Richard Armitage) takes center stage in the trailer as a soldier who failed to kill a child suicide bomber and was left disgraced until he’s given a chance at a second mission. Check out the trailer below. Are you excited to see the six-part original Strike Back?

Strike Back: Origina airs Friday, October 25th at 10PM on Cinemax.