‘Castle’ Season 6: Life of Pi


In the season premiere of the hit ABC series Castle that aired back on September 23, Rick Castle (series lead Nathan Fillion) was riding on cloud 9 – thanks in great part to his love Kate Beckett (series lead Stana Katic) saying “yes” to his proposal to marry him. But that “high” came crashing down with the arrival of his beloved daughter Alexis (series regular Molly Quinn) coming home from Costa Rica with an unexpected, and as far as Papa Rick is concerned unwanted, guest: her new boyfriend Pi (recurring guest star Myko Olivier).

And, yes that is really his name.

Alexis may be happy with her fruitarian (and if this isn’t the most ridiculous choice of how one person eats then I don’t know what is?!) boyfriend, who is the complete opposite of former long-distance boyfriend Ashley (former recurring guest star Ken Baumann of ‘The Secret Life of the American Teenager’ fame), but her dad certainly isn’t. And, if truth be told, Kate and Rick’s mom Martha (series regular Susan Sullivan) aren’t really on board the Pi train either.

While the character of Pi has only figured into the periphery of the first four episodes of the fifth season of ‘Castle’, he certainly has made his mark on the home life of the Castle-Rodgers family in one way or another. He has not only been living at Casa Castle under the none-too-happy eye of Alexis’ dad, but he has also been making himself a little too much at home. In the most recent episode, Pi makes an unnecessary visit into the bedroom that Rick and Kate now share, wrapped in what appeared to be nothing more than a towel, easily irritating the couple, who would like nothing more than to be left alone in the early morning hours.

That kind of interruption will, however, not be occurring again, as Rick’s not-so-little-anymore girl will be getting her own place in next week’s episode with Pi as her new “roommate”. Rick, of course, will not take this new revelation any better than when he was initially introduced to Pi. Series creator Andrew W. Marlowe had this to share, “We’re going to be watching how (this) tests Alexis’ relationship with her father, which has always been quite good. It definitely puts a new strain on it. It feels like new and really interesting territory. Like any father dealing with a daughter who has a boyfriend, it’s always a bit of an adventure”.

It will certainly be entertaining for fans to see how Rick reacts to his little girl moving on and moving in with Pi; and just what kind of crazy antics will evolve from this new phase of Alexis’ life.

A new episode of the fifth season of ‘Castle’ will air tonight on ABC at 10/9c.

[Source: TV Line]