Masters of Sex Season 1 Review “Thank You for Coming”

In the latest episode of “Masters of Sex,” it was all about the past coming back to haunt our main characters, in one way or another, in the amusingly-titled “Thank You for Coming,” which I’m going to go ahead and assume was meant as a double entendre, given the show. We started with the first non-“deviant” participants to take part in Master and Johnson’s study, the ones at the hospital notwithstanding. In other words, average people that weren’t found at the local brothel.

Basically, M&J put out fliers advertising the study and offering pay to volunteers, and sat back to wait and see if anyone showed. That’s some flier, given what was expected of them! Especially given the times, and what was required, which included full nudity and masturbation, in front of M&J, as they took notes, recorded sessions and closely observed. You gotta think that on some level certain things had to be a little compromised, what with those conditions, but then, I guess there’s no really way to do a study of that nature any other way, so you have to take what you can get.

Anyway, things got more than a little awkward when Johnson’s deadbeat ex-husband showed up, under a false name. Johnson eventually came clean about it, in fear that he’d find out somehow and she’d lose her job for good, but in retrospect, maybe that wasn’t the greatest idea, as Masters went all Sherlock Holmes and figured out which one it was and creepily invited him back to ask super-specific and invasive questions about her to his unwitting subject, without her present.

At this point, poor Johnson has been reduced to a lab rat, you know? I can’t imagine she’d be thrilled to find out what Masters did, but maybe she never does. Whatever the case, it was kind of icky on his part all around and not helped by his listening to the recordings over and over. Pretty gross, doc.

Though, to be fair, Johnson’s ex was pretty gross himself, which has to make you wonder: how the hell did someone as smart as her end up with a loser like that? Then again, she did get involved with Dr. Haas, and that didn’t exactly go so well, either. He was certainly in rare form on this episode, getting drunk and belligerent at Masters’ party and showing up at the hospital to perform an operation under decidedly iffy circumstances.

I did enjoy his explanation of his obsession with Johnson, though, in “Wizard of Oz” terms- that made perfect sense to me, and I’ve definitely been there. Too bad he’s such a douche that treats women like crap. Oh well. At least he apologized to poor Vivian. How cringe-inducing was that scene at his house with her, BTW? Provost Scully would definitely not approve.

We also got some vital info on Masters, who it turns out grew up in an abusive household. Though his mother eventually left his father, it was long after Masters could have benefitted from it, and he clearly has some pent-up anger about it, not without good reason, given that she clearly knew and never lifted a finger to stop it. To make matters worse, she’s moving into Master’s neck of the woods to be closer to his impending baby.

All of this definitely explains a lot, and we’re definitely starting to get a better picture of what makes the doc tick the way he does. Now, how in God’s name he loosened up enough to hook up with Johnson remains to be seen. Maybe he used all that inside info to his benefit? It’s entirely possible. I guess we’ll find out eventually. Who knows? Maybe he’s actually learning slowly but surely from his own study. Stranger things have happened.

I did like that he went ahead and helped that woman Sophie, after initially refusing to. How repulsive is it that women had to get their husband’s permission to get their tubes tied back then? That’s near unimaginable these days, though if Republicans get back the power, it could still happen, so you ladies better pray that doesn’t happen.

Another good episode of “Masters of Sex.” I really like the way the show is progressing, and I appreciate the way it gives us new information on the characters, while tying it into the plot at hand in clever ways. This is really shaping up to be an excellent show, if I do say so myself.

What did you think of tonight’s episode? Will Masters cross the line further by using the info he got on Johnson for nefarious purposes? Will he be a good father? Will Johnson ever get rid of her loser ex? Will Dr. Haas and Vivian make a go of things? Will Scully flip out when he finds out about them? Sound off on this and more in the comments section!