Haven Season 4 Review “Countdown”

Haven Season 4 Episode 6 Countdown (2)

I told you this week’s Haven was going to be good! The show is just zipping along this season and giving us tons of twists and turns. It’s hard to tell what’s around the next corner, which makes things very exciting.

Not only do we have our old Audrey back, but she’s also a bit spicier because she has retained the experiences of her alter ego, Lexie. Unfortunately, the ruse of Lexie doesn’t last too long thanks to Jordan and Wade. They bug the police station and figure out that Haven’s darling is back to her old self. This sets off a chain reaction that culminates in a showdown between Jordan and the group.

I thought they would drag out the Lexie story a bit longer and let Nathan slowly figure out that she was, in fact, Audrey. I’m not too disappointed by the quick reveal because it’s good to have them reunited. Hopefully, we will see more open affection between the two. After waiting so long for them to finally admit their love, it would be nice to see them together in a more than platonic way. I really like that Audrey is refusing to even consider the idea of killing Nathan to end the troubles. I wouldn’t expect her to go along with such a bad idea, but it’s her confidence that she’ll find another way to end the troubles that gives hope. It would be a boring season if it was just constantly debating whether or not to kill Nathan for the greater good. If there is another way, we’ll have an interesting journey as she tries to find it. I am guessing this will also bring back the people we previously met in the barn.

The Duke/Nathan bromance has given a new dimension to their characters that is interesting to watch. This week, when Nathan thought that he might die when the countdown clock hit zero, he confronted Duke about Duke’s love for Audrey. Rather than feel threatened by it or jealous, Nathan wanted Duke to assure him that he would take care of Audrey when Nathan was gone. This is huge progress for the two of them. It probably helps that Duke has a budding relationship with Jennifer. We have yet to see how Audrey is going to deal with not being at the center of a love triangle. It was a bit mean when she mentioned to Duke that she was the same woman who went with him to Colorado. Of course, that trip was where Duke and Audrey almost had a fling. Duke’s face showed that losing Audrey was still painful after coming so close to being with her. I hope that Audrey is able to befriend Jennifer. It would even be good to have just an episode with Jennifer and Audrey teaming up, without the guys, to solve a crime.

I have complained quite a bit since the start of the season about Jordan’s constant lurking about. Well, we won’t have that problem anymore. After feeling the power that comes from a troubled person, Wade stabs Jordan. It was almost one of those “careful what you wish for” moments. It was actually sad that Jordan’s death was in some ways her own doing. She is the one who set Wade on his path to destruction. It was also more apparent this episode that Jordan’s actions were almost entirely the result of her intense emotional pain. Her trouble was so isolating, that it overshadowed everything else in her life. I would’ve preferred to see her leave Haven as she planned. But, I appreciate that if Wade is taking a dark path, he had to start down it by doing something seriously bad.

Wade is clearly going to be a big problem for everyone this year. After stabbing Jordan and the shop worker, he’s demonstrated that what he really wants is power. This doesn’t bode well for Duke. Duke prevented Nathan from chasing after Wade after the first attack because he wanted to try and handle it himself. If he had let Nathan do his job, Jordan might still be alive. Without a doubt, Duke is going to have much tougher decisions ahead when it comes to stopping Nate. Will he be like Audrey and refuse to kill someone he loves for the greater good?

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