Parenthood Season 5 “In Dreams Begin Responsibilities” Review

Parenthood Season 5 Episode 4 In Dreams Begin Responsibilities (3)
When you take a moment to reflect, most of the members of the Braverman family are in the midst of major, life-changing or life-defining moments. Amber is planning a new life with Ryan. Kristina just kicked cancer’s ass and now she’s set her eyes on taking down Bob Little in a mayoral race, Crosby just expanded his family and Joel is becoming hugely successful in the construction business. Our favorite Parenthood characters are quite busy these days!

Of course, change is not always easy to embrace – even good change. And that fellow Parenthood fans, is where we get our weekly drama.

Although there has been growing tension between Julia and Joel, it was nice to see Sydney and Victor getting along. Siblings disagree and fight, but it was hard to watch the tension between the two as Victor tried to acclimate to his new family last season. After a few episodes of Sydney/Victor peace this season, the fighting returned.

Man do I hate when the fighting between those kids also comes at the cost of Victor’s self-confidence. Enter Grandpa Zeek, who came up with a brilliant, touching plan to use working on an old car to give Victor much-needed reading practice and a boost of confidence. This of course, will not bode well for Camille’s desire to sell the house and get out enjoy life with her husband.

I still haven’t warmed up to Heather, but there’s no denying that she’s the campaign manager Kristina needs – even if she did go a little too far to get a $20,000 donation. Adam is finally getting more involved, even if his primary motivation is to prevent the family from going broke as they fund campaign expenses. Not only did Adam secure a donation for his wife, he found himself inspired to expand professionally. Although Crosby made valid points about why Adam’s record label idea would not work, I think the two will find a way to make it work and probably have a few arguments about it along the way.

I love Amber and Ryan together and didn’t expect this relationship to be easy, but I’m starting to share some of Sarah’s concerns about the two getting married so quickly. I also couldn’t help but notice that Amber reminded me way too much of Sarah in past relationships as she struggled to get Ryan to open up about his family. I’m still rooting for this couple, but protecting Ryan’s feelings can’t come at the cost of Amber’s.

Do you think Ryan and Amber will happily make it down the aisle this season? Sound off on that and anything else from this week’s episode of Parenthood below!

Other observations –

Is Drew doomed to a life of being unlucky in love? Poor kid.