Covert Affairs Season 4 Fall Premiere 2013 Review “Dead” – Patience is a Virtue

Covert Affairs Season 4 Episode 11 Dead (2)

In this episode of Covert Affairs, Annie starts a new life so that she can get close to Jai’s mother, while Calder and Auggie work together to keep everyone in the dark and break loose Henry’s ties.

That was one heck of a fall premiere. As I watched this episode, I had fleeting thoughts of the first few seasons of this show and had to shake my head at the fact that I was once happy enough to see Annie running around and doing her spy thing while cracking a few jokes and kicking a lot of butts. That Annie and the Annie in this episode aren’t even close to the same person – and not just because of the change in hair color.

Annie has grown so much in the last few seasons. Now she’s a ruthless agent who will not hesitate to use vicious methods to get what she needs. She has now been hurt (both emotionally and physically) multiple times and been toughened in the process. In this episode, I felt like we were seeing Annie reacting to everything bad that had ever happened to her, maybe even more than just the most recent mental and physical wounds, and she put all that energy into one goal: Get Henry Wilcox.

That goal (and the hurt behind it) allowed her to get into a support group and tell her story with real tears so that she could get close to Sana, and eventually torture Goodman for the information she needs. She may not have gotten what she wanted, but I have no doubt she will. If Annie has proved anything recently, it’s that she’s not a quitter.

As for everyone else, I also really enjoyed watching Calder and Auggie working together. I wasn’t sure if they could trust Calder, even after what he did in the last episode, but I think he more than proved himself in this one. I’m loving the whole double-agent thing Calder has going with Henry and I can’t wait to see how that continues to play out. I felt bad that Joan was not only kept in the dark about Annie, but also demoted to a lesser position, but I really admired her dignity throughout.

Overall, a fantastic mid-season premiere and I am dying to see this group take Henry down. I’m even okay with the fact that it will probably take a while for it to happen. After all, it took Henry a while to destroy everyone and get back into a place of power. It makes sense that it will take a while for them to put everything back to rights.

My favorite bits:

Poor Auggie making that phone call to Annie’s sister.

Really loving Annie’s new look.

“Let’s not have any more trouble while you are in Switzerland.”
“I’ll try.” – Ha! Yeah, right.

Reese’s double-take when he saw Annie. I doubt he was expecting someone like her to rent the room.

“I’ll call you when my toilet breaks.”

Annie taking part in the grief support group to get close to Sana. Very clever.

Arthur telling Joan that he was done holding vows for the agency above their vows of marriage.

“Henry did this. Henry’s going to pay.”

Barber refusing to take off his ribbon for Annie.

Henry asking Calder if Annie had any “final whispers.” So creepy.

Joan being shown into her new office. Wow.

Calder and Auggie getting into a fake screaming match in the hallway.

“You make a very convincing asshole.”

Auggie and Calder comparing stories on who was in deeper for pretending Annie was dead.

“We can share a cell.”

Calder becoming a double agent, of sorts.

Annie using the story of Teo (as “Theo”) for the grief support group.

“Did you hear that?”
“It’s the pub. It’s calling your name.”
“It’s probably tired of calling yours.”

“Hell is other people. Sartre, right?”

“You’re too smart for your own good.”
“So I’ve been told.”

Annie impressing David.

Annie vs. Goodman in the meeting, and then in the stairwell. Yet another brutal fight.

The entire conversation between Sana and Annie in the car. I thought it was great that Sana suspected Annie from the moment she met her.

“Friends close. Enemies closer.” Isn’t that the rule?”

Annie pointing out that Sana needed to stop treating her like the enemy, because the enemy was waking up in the trunk.

Reese turning into Mr. Protective as soon as he thought Annie was being abused. Aw, I’m really starting to like that guy.

Annie vs. Goodman again. Even with him tied to a chair, I wasn’t convinced she was necessarily going to win.

“I’m already dead.”

Annie vs. Goodman in the dark. So glad to see she won that one.

What did you think of this episode of Covert Affairs? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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