The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Review “Original Sin”

Don’t you love it when a good plan comes together? Or should I say, a good plotline. Lord knows, in my new duties as the curator of both “The Vampire Diaries” and “The Originals,” I’ve come close to pulling my hair out trying to keep everything straight, but thankfully, my fellow fans have helped me in that department, so for that, I thank you. On tonight’s episode, aptly-titled, “Original Sin,” we got the sort of storyline that, much like that infamous rug in “The Big Lebowski,” really ties the room together.

I must say, it really worked for me, and that’s not always the case when they try to shoe-horn in new characters and back-story onto a serialized show that’s been on for a while. More often than not, it either contradicts things you know or thought you knew, or doesn’t entirely make sense. Here, it worked out perfectly, and actually helped to strengthen past storylines, IMHO.

Basically, it came down to one universal truth: Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. It turns out that, at least according to witchy woman Qetsiyah- who will henceforth be referred to as Tessa, because I’d just as soon stay on her good side (as played by the delectable “True Blood”-vet Janina Gavankar, I’m not sure there is such a thing as a bad side, but I digress)- there’s a reason Elena and Stefan keep finding their way back to one another time and again: they’ve been there, done that. Over and over, since time out of mind.

The sad thing is, they just can’t seem to get it right, no matter what incarnation they find themselves in, be it Elena and Stefan, Silas and Amara, Katherine and Stefan, whatever. Something always seems to get in the way, and complications arise that inevitably tear them apart, time and again. *Big sigh*

I liked this explanation, not in the least because, who can blame Tessa for being ticked off in the first place? I mean, Silas seduced Tessa under false pretenses, stood her up at the altar, stole her immortality spells and gave Tessa’s spell to another woman- her handmaiden, no less. Ouch! That’s got to sting a bit. To add insult to injury, Silas refuses to take the cure she offers him and foils her big plan to trap him in limbo-land, forever keeping him apart from his lady love in the afterlife. No wonder she’s pissed!

That said, all of this has jack to do with Stefan, Katherine, Elena, and any other doppelgangers over the years that have fallen prey to the lingering aftereffects of all of this insanity. In short, in doing what she did, Tessa basically caused generations of Silas’ and Amara’s doppelgangers to suffer the consequences of another’s actions. That doesn’t seem too fair, but it sure falls under the purview of biblical. As in, the sins of the father…and all that.

So, while understandable, Tessa’s actions have screwed up a whole host of other people’s lives, including her own, and she’s back to set things straight, thanks to an unexpected in, courtesy of Bonnie. Thing is, I’m not sure who to root for! Silas is a nasty piece of work, but then, so is Tessa, obviously. I’d say they deserve each other at this point, but obviously romance is not going to happen, especially now that bridges have been fully burned for centuries now- to the tune of what, 2000 years? Yikes. Now that’s a grudge!

About the worst thing I could say about this episode is that the previews pulled a bit of a fast one in leading us to believe that Stefan’s remorseless alter-ego “The Ripper” would be back. That turned out to be false advertising, but I’m okay with that, as I liked this even more. The plotline really does explain so much, and it also raises the stakes for Damon and Elena in a clever way. Now that we know the odds are against them, it kind of makes me want to root for them all the more. Or does it make one want to root for Stefan and Elena more? Hard to say, to be honest, but one thing’s for sure: it makes for good drama, so well played, “Vampire Diaries.”

True, there’s still some stuff I’m fuzzy on: i.e. what exactly is going on with Matt- I take it he’s partially possessed by Nadia’s boyfriend now, right?- and I also take it Silas and Stefan are now linked, with the former’s powers diminished and the latter with no idea of who he or Damon and Elena are. I think that’s it in a nutshell. One thing’s for sure, as Tessa said: it may be like watching a soap opera, but contrary to her assessment, it’s never boring.

Truly an excellent episode, one of the show’s all-time best, if I do say so myself. I loved the way it streamlined everything in a way that was both complex yet simple. Basically, most of the events on the show are the direct result of a love gone horribly awry, which subsequently has caused all the main players and their descendants’ lives to also go sideways in the process, and has for some 2000 years now. It’s epic, yet easily understood. My name is Mark Trammell, and I approve of this episode of “The Vampire Diaries.”

What did you think? Happy with this new, overarching mythology? Or would you prefer that the Salvatore and Gilbert history not be directly affected by someone else we just met fairly recently? How do you think will come out on top: Silas or Tessa? Or will they take each other out in the end? What will all this mean for Elena and Damon and Stefan? Is history doomed to repeat itself, like Tessa claims, or do Elena and Damon stand a chance? Or Elena and Stefan, for that matter? Is it possible that Bonnie will use all this to her advantage, and maybe take possession of Tessa to free herself from limbo-land? Lots to ponder until next week! Sound off with your thoughts below in the comments section, and I’ll see you next week!