The Originals Season 1 Review “Tangled Up In Blue”

On the latest episode of “The Originals,” Klaus set into motion yet another of his nefarious plans, and this time it went a lot smoother than before- at least to a point. In “Tangled Up In Blue,” he determined that either Marcel would agree to give Elijah back or it would be war. Naturally, Marcel wasn’t going to do any such thing, so Klaus came up with a clever way of changing his mind. He compelled one of his minions, the newly-vamped Josh (Steven Krueger) to attack witch Katie, who just so happened to be the lady-love of Thierry (Callard Harris), aka Marcel’s right-hand man. How very “Romeo & Juliet.”

Thierry took the bait and broke one of Marcel’s golden rules: don’t kill your own kind. Cut to: Thierry being walled up in some underground lair called the “garden” for a hundred years while Klaus saves Marcel from the vengeful Katie, thus insinuating himself as Marcel’s new right-hand man in Thierry’s place. Of course, that’s not what he told everyone else he was up to, but it wouldn’t be Klaus if he didn’t mix it up and do whatever the hell he wanted to do without giving a crap what anyone else thinks, right?

Unfortunately, as before when he traded off Elijah, though the move did get him that much closer to his goal of getting back Elijah, witchy woman Davina (Danielle Campbell) was not so easily swayed and just said no to his proposal. We have yet to see his reaction to that particular development, but I’m guessing he won’t be too happy about it. Nor will Sophie (Daniella Pineda) be too thrilled that she was used to basically get her friend killed – and they didn’t even get the location of Davina to boot. Whoops!

Last but not least, we discovered that Hayley was expecting a girl- and possibly something else, as well, though that has yet to be determined. Whatever it was, it caused Sabine (Shannon Kane) to speak in a foreign language that has also been yet to be determined, either- though it actually sounded like Latin to me. It will be interesting to see if Hayley is able to translate it or not- or whether Sabine even realizes she said what she did.

So, a pretty decent episode. I love that Klaus continues to play by his own rules, even if it comes back to haunt him, or blows up in his face. I wonder if Marcel will figure out that Klaus been compelling Camille (Leah Pipes) to forget some of Marcel’s more dubious actions? Not to mention the fact that he sure is determined to burn any little leeway he has with team witch. Making an enemy of Sophie might not have been the wisest move, but then again, Klaus doesn’t seem to care who hates him, so there’s that.

I liked the party, and Cami’s outfit was- ahem- pretty heavenly. That was also interesting that Marcel pumps his men- aka the “nightcrawlers”- with vervain so that he can more easily control them, and that it has to be drained out of their systems in order for them to be compelled against him. That was a neat twist. I thought they maybe could have drawn out the stuff between Thierry and Katie a bit longer, but then again, did we really want to see an extended vampire variation on Shakespeare’s star-crossed lovers? Maybe not.

I also like that Rebekah stopped Sophie before she could do the spell and thus be detected by Marcel. Though the latter might never forgive Klaus for what he did, Rebekah might have made an ally in her in the process, which might come in handy the next time Klaus inevitably does something stupid. I also liked the passive-aggressive way she invited Camille to Marcel’s shindig in order to put some salt in his game. Rebekah really does know how to bring the beeyatch, am I right? Marcel might want to try harder to stay on her good side, lest the woman he scorned get revenge in a much nastier way than playing mind games with the girl he’s sweet on.

On the other hand, he does still have Davina going for him. Note how he was ready to give Elijah back to Klaus no problem, before she was all like: I don’t think so. Not until she figures out how to defeat the Originals, at least. Smart girl. You got to wonder what Marcel has on her to make her so willing to stay hidden, not to mention to turn on her own kind, as in the witches. I suspect we’ll find out more on that sooner than later.

What did you think of the latest episode of “The Originals”? Like the direction things are headed? Do think they’re moving the plot forward a little too fast for its own good, or do the writers know exactly what they’re doing? What did you think of Klaus’ latest scheme? What do you think the witch said to Hayley? Sound off below in the comments section, and I’ll see you next week!

  • Cosas

    Oh Klaus always making things so complicated. I would have just let Katie kill Marcel as I have little patience for games, but for Klaus that’s half the fun and it makes for a more twisty story line. Sidenote: Yay! A girl!

    • Mark Trammell

      Can’t you just see Klaus trying to micromanage his baby girl when she hits her teens? I feel for her future BFs. (Or possible GF’s, to be fair.)

  • D.

    I absolutely loved this episode! Klaus is twisted, but a genius. His plans put the entire Vampire Diaries to shame. I am so happy with the direction this show is taking. Apparently the Latin translation of the spell means: “This is the child of evil, we are all lost” I cannot contain my excitement!!!