Hart of Dixie Season 3 Review “Friends in Low Places”

Friends in Low Places

The reign of Lemon Breeland may now be over on Hart of Dixie, as her affair with Meatball and the fake relationship with Wade she used to cover it up have both been exposed to the gossip-hungry residents of Bluebell. Meanwhile, Joel’s first day in town was plagued with bad luck, George tried to dodge the wrath of Lavon after sleeping with his cousin, and Chuck’s Captain Awesome (Ryan McPartlin) guest starred as Lemon’s latest eligible bachelor.

The biggest surprise of the night was the continued presence of Joel, who hasn’t yet been driven out of Bluebell by the crazy goings on. He has a book to write and, as we all know, TV writers have all the time in the world to do everything but write, so maybe he and Zoe are going to last a little longer than we thought. He’s actually rather sweet – a much better match for Zoe than either Wade or George – and thinks nothing of helping her scheme or accepting her past relationships with every one of the town’s good looking men. But, then again, we’ll always want Zoe with Wade, so this romance has an expiration date.

Lemon’s life was still going down the commode this week, as she so succinctly put it, and I wonder what will happen now that her relationship with Meatball has been exposed. We know Anna Beth will stand by her, and obviously Wade, but maybe her arc this season will be to finally shed her care for societal expectations for good. Then again, the fandom has really taken to the Lemon/Wade union as more than just a friendship, and I wonder whether the writers were testing it out here for future use. I wouldn’t hate it, as such, but I’m still far too invested in Zoe/Wade to possibly support a rival couple.

George continues to not have a relevant storyline (a worrying trend lately) and has now gotten himself tangled up with Linley. Given his history with Lavon, I don’t see why George doesn’t just admit that he was the one who slept with her – it would serve him right. That’s if George hadn’t been a bit of a jerk after their drunken one night stand, which he was, and I’m finding it hard to care about this storyline. Immature Lavon is a version of the character I’ve never particularly enjoyed, but at least Anna Beth is there to even things out. Get rid of her and bring back Tansy!

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