The Amazing Race Season 23 Review “King Arthur Style”

The Amazing Race returned tonight with a very stressful and travel-heavy episode titled “King Arthur Style”. It’s been quite a while since we’ve had an episode that focused this heavily on flight times and travelling, and it was definitely a risky choice.

For the most part, every episode of The Amazing Race plays out the exact same way. The teams leave the pit stop and go to the airport, haggle over different flights, then get to the location and do the challenge before checking in to the next pit stop. Rinse and repeat. It’s an entertaining formula that consistently wins them Emmy awards, so why change it? Well tonight they didn’t get to Portugal until the 22 minute mark! Usually they make it to the new location at around the 7 or 8 minute mark, but there was definitely a I know that some people like the stressful flight haggling and line-cutting, but I much prefer seeing the beautiful new location and all of the fun challenges.

There’s a very delicate balance to the art of Travel Fu. On one hand, you can’t settle for the first flight you find. You should definitely always talk to other airlines, teams, and travel agents to see what’s available. On the other hand, you can’t keep trying to find other flights to the point where you’re never happy with what you’ve got. That’s the trap that Chester and Ephraim fell in today, when they settled for a flight that had two tight connections! Sure, there was no way for them to anticipate that many delays, but they definitely overreached on that flight. Sometimes it pays to play it safe and be on the same flight as other teams, because at least then you’ll be guaranteed to be competing with other people. It’s unfortunate that Chester and Ephraim had to go home due to flight delays out of their control, but they did make the mistake of getting a little too greedy.

The ballista challenge was a bit of a letdown for me. First of all, nothing will ever compare to the great “Watermelon to the face” challenge from The Amazing Race 17. Whenever there are catapults or ballistas on this race, they will always pale in comparison to Brook taking a watermelon headshot. Secondly, this challenge committed my Amazing Race pet peeve where they don’t replace the targets. When the first teams arrived, they were each shooting at ten different shields. Then by the time the last teams arrived, they were only shooting for four. It would be much easier to hit one of ten targets then only one of four!

They were really putting an inordinate amount of drama into who came in first. I guess there was very little drama as to who was going to come in last, so they had to stack all the drama on the first place finish. I do feel bad for Chester and Ephraim, and I hope they can bring them back for a fan favorite edition.

Random Thoughts:

– The people in Lisbon were pretty funny this week! The guy at the ballista challenge saying “If you were in a battle then you’d be dead” was great, and the dude at the pit stop asking if he could take Tim’s place was hilarious.

– This is the second episode in a row with a Dumb and Dumber reference, as Ephraim and Chester said the classic line “So you’re sayin’ there’s a chance?!” I love it. Can we do one of these every week, please?

– I didn’t think Travis was getting too frazzled, but Nicole constantly stating “DO NOT GET FRAZZLED” was really starting to get me frazzled!