Revenge Season 3 Review “Confession”

Revenge Season 3 Episode 3 Confession (9)

Picking up on the themes introduced in last week’s Revenge, “Sin” saw Emily recruiting Father Paul to try and convince Conrad to confess. While things certainly moved forward this week, there was a sense of futility to some of the events, if only because we’re still so early in the season.

The main thread was about Emily finding it in herself to forgive Father Paul, something she’s never done before. It was a big moment for Emily, particularly given how vicious she’s been in the past. Even Mason Treadwell, who seemed to show some remorse, is still rotting in prison. This last week’s episode really worked to sell why she would be willing to ease up a bit. Her scenes with Jack and Charlotte both served to remind her that her focus on revenge could ultimately destroy any chance she has at love and family. It was good to have the character development, as the parts with Conrad were pretty much destined to go nowhere. And though it was nice to see him planning to confess, it was ultimately for selfish reasons. Now, with Father Paul dead, it seems unlikely he’ll remain so noble next week.

Aiden’s return finally played a major role, with it being revealed that he was still working with Emily. This didn’t exactly come as a surprise, as the whole jilted lover aspect never felt like a legitimate reason for him to turn on her. Beyond that, his whole mission to take down the Initiative was basically finished off by Emily and Nolan, so I never really believed he was on Victoria’s side.

Margaux remains a bit of a mystery. So far, outside of attempting to seduce Daniel, she hasn’t done much to come across as a threat to Emily’s larger scheme. She just sort of seems like a legitimate business woman. That said, this is Revenge, and her interest in both Daniel and Jack will inevitably lead to a confrontation down the road. Similarly, Patrick is also likely to end up causing trouble down the road, though his connection will clearly come through Nolan. After he rejected her interest last week, it felt a bit too coincidental that Patrick just happened to interact with Nolan at the club, though at least the show acknowledged this when the two spoke at the party.

On a minor tangent, I just have to mention that Nolan’s outfits remain one of the most entertaining parts of the show. This week was particularly fun, from his odd vest-and-hat combo at the club, to his sailor outfit at the party. The best, though, was easily the mug shot t-shirt, which was just about the perfect expression of what kind of person Nolan is.

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