Haven Season 4 Review “The New Girl”

Haven Season 4 Episode 5 The New Girl (1)

I’m pretty sure this is the best season of Haven yet. This week’s episode was so phenomenally good; I just don’t know where to start. The return of Audrey/Lexie? Duke and Jennifer? Nathan and the Guard? Deep breaths – let’s start with Audrey.

Audrey/Lexie has returned to Haven. It’s about time! She jumped through the supernatural portal and landed in the middle of complete chaos. The Guard’s hopes that Audrey would return and kill Nathan were dashed when they realized that she was actually Lexie – not Audrey – and didn’t have the same feelings for Nathan that Audrey had. Of course, this got Jordan foaming at the mouth. Surprisingly, Vince then joined in with the cries to kill Nathan. Lucky for Nathan, Duke has his back and came up with a delay tactic – if Lexie could fall in love with Nathan, she could eventually kill him and end the troubles.

Nathan’s disappointment in learning Audrey was gone was so tragic. Throughout the episode, it was apparent that he thought he still had a chance of getting Audrey back. But by the end, you could see the sense of loss on his face as he realized that Audrey was gone for good. We’ve seen Nathan fall for a previous incarnation of Audrey, so there was the danger that he would simply try to move on with Lexie. It was absolutely perfect that his heart stayed true to Audrey and he didn’t have any interest in trying to hook up with Lexie. Lexie made that much easier, no doubt, by treating him with extreme indifference and managing to say the most hurtful things possible. Sure, it was just pancakes, but when she rejected his meal offer….ouch!

We also knew we were playing a new game when Lexie stepped aside and let troubled teen Tyler try to kill Duke. There was a moment when I really wondered if this was the new order – that Lexie didn’t have the same moral compass as Audrey. But….not the case! I started cheering when at the end Duke figured out that Lexie knew that if Tyler used Duke to kill him, Duke would take Tyler’s trouble and not die. The only way that Lexie could have known this…if she was actually Audrey! Yay!

I was completely enjoying Lexie and her take on the world, but it was a bummer to think that we wouldn’t get Audrey back for a long while. The fact that she is Audrey means that that is who she truly wanted to be (according to William’s parting words). That also means that she knows if she acts like herself, it will put Nathan in danger. Sure, this is yet another obstacle to our two heroes coming together, but the journey to Nathan realizing Audrey is back is going to be sweet!

As I hoped, Duke also moved closer to having a relationship with Jennifer. She is already a nice addition to the team, and it will be good for Audrey to have a female friend. It will also be good for Duke to have a place for his heart that doesn’t lead to unrequited feelings. Jennifer is so cute and sweet, she is the perfect match for our Crocker bad boy. I also really enjoy the friendship between Duke and Nathan this season. Duke consistently watches out for Nathan, and the time needs to come when Nathan does the same for him.

We had some comedic moments to lighten up the guns and angst. Nathan got a new nickname that is perfect for him – “Cheekbones.” While Audrey’s mispronunciation of Wuornos was great. It’s these clever little moments that keep this show so entertaining.

I would like to hope that part of Audrey’s future will involve taking out Jordan. That woman is on my last nerve. Aside from her creepy lurking, her desperation to end the troubles is leading her down the lane to Crazytown. I’m not sure what her plan is with Duke’s brother. I just hope by trying to protect his brother, Duke hasn’t made him vulnerable to influences like Jordan.

I am sure that whatever other evil was released when the door to the barn opened will have to bring back William and the two creepy guys from the bar. I’m glad, though, that we won’t have to worry about William coming between Audrey and Nathan. Now that Audrey is herself, there’s no way her heart belongs to anyone but Nathan.

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