Exclusive ‘Strike Back’ Season 3 Clip: Section 20 Regroups for an Unsettling Briefing

Strike Back Season 3 Episode 9 (6)
We have an exclusive sneak peek at episode nine of Strike Back season three (airing tonight) that begins with a seemingly normal briefing before things take a turn for the terrifying. Section 20 not only have to save Ester, they also have to stop a massive genetically engineered small pox attack before it can be released into a populated area. Check out the clip, as well as photos from the episode, below.

Scott and Stonebridge are committed to keeping Ester safe, but can they do that while also keeping the terrorists from releasing their lethal virus on an unsuspecting city?

Strike Back season three episode nine airs tonight, Friday, October 11 at 10PM on Cinemax.

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