Wentworth Prison Series 1 Review “Something Dies”


So far on Wentworth, we’ve only been following female characters from week to week but, in episode seven, ‘Something Dies’, it’s Will’s turn. He’s been hanging around in the background for weeks now, his mental state slowly deteriorating as grief and paranoia took over, and now we get an actual insight into his life.

We learn that it’s not merely grief that has sent him spiralling – he’s discovered that Meg had an abortion shortly before her death despite the fact that the couple were actively trying for a baby. Putting two and two together, we can guess that the baby was a product of her affair with Fletch, rather than her marriage, but Will has responded by drinking, taking drugs and having sex with strangers as much as humanly possible. It’s a wonder he turns up for work at all, but I guess he’s still trying to find out who killed his wife during the riot.

Meanwhile, the storyline for the prisoners isn’t much sunnier, as Franky is to be released from solitary and Jaqs is seeking revenge. During her absence, the power has shifted significantly one way and the girls now have to walk on eggshells and ask for permission to do anything within sight of the self-appointed queen bee. It’s tense, and wondering what form Jaqs’ retaliation will take only aggravates the situation. Bea is soon filled in about what the usual punishment for something like this is – ganging.

And this is, thankfully, the episode in which we see Bea finally realise her unique position. She hasn’t accepted the status quo, still has her morals intact and has taken a few beatings in her time. Her attack on her husband last week was just the beginning – she wasn’t going to let something this horrible happen to her friend. She ended up in the hospital for her troubles, but now the war really begins. Doreen has reluctantly switched sides and, now Franky has outwitted Jaqs and her gang, we have our two leaders in position.

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