Survivor: Blood vs. Water Review “One Armed Dude and Three Moms”

The first wonderfully Colton-free episode of Survivor: Blood vs. Water aired tonight with the hugely entertaining and hilariously titled “One Armed Dude and Three Moms”. It seems that Jeff still isn’t over Colton quitting for the second time, as even his voice over rakes him over the coals. While part of me really doesn’t want to give any more thought to Colton, I’d be totally happy with Jeff starting out the episode by insulting him every week.

We had somewhat of a different opening to this week’s installment, as we actually had all of the remaining players arrive at the dual before the credits rolled. Apparently they wanted to squeeze as much drama out of the pre-Dual scene as possible, as John and Candace go crazy on Monica and Brad. When John and Candace bump Marisa from the game officially, Monica ended up burning the clue that John gives her (at Brad’s request). I rewound this scene to see if she was already getting up to burn it before Brad said anything, but it sure looked like she was just doing what her husband told her to do.

I’m genuinely surprised by Monica’s complete lack of awareness about her husband. I realize that I don’t know Brad, and he could be a totally nice dude out of the game, but this is a game. It brings out the worst in a person like him. I mean, the guy played quarterback in the NFL for nine seasons. You can’t compete at that level for that long without being an ultra-competitive person, so it’s strange that she’s so confused why her husband would be taking such a strong leadership role in his tribe.

Galang won yet another immunity challenge to remain undefeated. It would be one thing if Galang was just blowing out Tadhana every week, but they’re always coming back from a deficit to win their immunities. It definitely makes for more exciting challenges, though, so I hope they continue to play out this way.

After losing yet another immunity challenge, Tadhana came back to do their weekly last minute scrambling. Except…there really wasn’t much scrambling going on. Ciera seemed like the obvious choice, having lost several challenges at the puzzle stage, but when approached by Brad to vote out Caleb, she seemed very hesitant to join him. Um, hello?! You should be jumping all over that opportunity! You should be going to talk to Brandon and Vytas to hopefully get them to vote out Caleb as well, you should be having conversations with Brad to firm up the details, you should do everything you can to stay in the game!

It all didn’t matter, though, because we had a blindside to end all blindsides at tribal council! Caleb has been virtually silent in this game, so I was literally cheering out loud when he just announced to everyone that he was writing Brad’s name down. I’m sure this maneuver of announcing who you’re voting for at tribal will forever be etched into the Survivor lexicon as “pulling a Caleb”, but I had no idea it could actually work! First we get a very rare re-vote, and then Brad was sent to Redemption to deal with the two people in the game that hate him the most. Brandon might be in the hot seat next week, since he was the only one to vote for Ciera. I can’t wait to see what happens!

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Random Thoughts:

– I didn’t want to devote any more space in the actual review to discuss Colton’s exit, because I really don’t want to waste the breath, to tell you the truth. However, I don’t know if you guys read any of his exit interviews, but he claims that he only quit so that Caleb wouldn’t sacrifice himself to replace Colton at Redemption Island.

– While it would suck to be on Redemption Island and competing for your life in the game, it wouldn’t really be all that bad to be stuck on a beautiful beach with your spouse.

– I feel like I say this every season, but how are their teeth so white?!